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Bondi Pavilion archives

A collection of original material documenting the history of Bondi Beach Pavilion from 1970s to 2000s.
The Bondi Pavilion records are a rich source for a researcher looking for historical information on the Pavilion. The records remained there for some time after they ceased to be added to (date?). Conditions at the Pavilion, being positioned next to the sea and the records not housed in any form of climate control needed an appropriate place to store them if they were to remain in good condition. In 2014 the records were moved to the Waverley Library archive room, a climate controlled room that also made the records more accessible to researchers. They include the working records of events, exhibitions, various accounts, flyers, posters, 3D objects correspondence to engage artists for events plus general correspondence.

Image collection

Browse our online collection of over 4,000 historical and contemporary images.

The photograph collection covers a broad subject range and provides documentary evidence of Waverley's history and complements other resources held in the Local History collection.

Electronic copies of photographs may be purchased if the Library holds the copyright.

Map collection

A collection of over 4,000 plans and maps of public spaces in Waverley from the past 100 years

The map collection contains large maps of Waverley as well as more detailed maps of parks, public buildings and other council spaces.

Oral history collection

Includes unique and detailed accounts of Waverley history, interviews of prominent community and national leaders such as Margaret Whitlam and Ernie Page, and a series of interviews on the history of Bronte compiled by the Bronte Beach Historical Society.

Original Resources Archive: including minutes, letters and cashbooks donated by local organisations such as schools, surf clubs, sporting clubs, historical societies and progress associations.

Collection strengths include:

  • Rare items (ostrich feathers, swimming costumes, deck chairs, tiger shark jaws)
  • Council correspondence
  • Community group archives
  • Architectural plans
  • Rare paintings and images
  • Glass Plate Negatives

Topical files

The Local Studies Collection holds over 5000 topical files on a wide range of local history topics. Topics include Wonderland City, Bronte House, and Waverley’s Trams. Each file holds a variety of material such as newspaper clippings, press releases, programs, flyers and council reports. These files are listed in our library catalogue.

Waverley Council minute books

Council meeting minutes from 1859 to 2012 have been bound up and are kept in the Local Studies Archive Room

Council meeting minutes beginning in 2013 to present are no longer kept in hard copies

Agenda and meeting minutes of Council and its standing committees dating back to 2010 can be found on Waverley Council webpage

Waverley Council rate books

Rate books and valuation books give unique information about home ownership and property values in Waverley. They are of most research value when used in conjunction with other sources, such as The Sands Sydney Directory. The Waverley Council rate books tell who owned a particular property at a particular date.  Waverley Council holds rate books on microfilm, from the first rate books in 1860 through to 1930. Rate books after 1930 are not microfilmed and to access these later rate books an appointment is required with the Local Studies Librarian.

Waverley Council reports

On environmental, planning and administration issues from all sections of Waverley Council

Waverley newspapers

Many local newspapers have circulated in the Waverley Local Government Area, below is a list of the papers known to have existed and whether copies of papers are in the Local Studies collection, Waverley Library or in the State Library of NSW (SLNSW) collection.

  • The Bondi View
    Copies held Waverley Library: June 2001 - ongoing
    Copies held SLNSW: June 2001 - ongoing
  • The Beast
    Copies held Waverley Library: February 2005 - ongoing
    Copies held SLNSW: September 2005 – December 2009
    Available Online: http://thebeast.com.au
  • Bondi Bligh Weekly
    Copies held in Waverley Library: 13 July 1966 – 16 December 1971
    Copies held SLNSW: None
  • Bondi Daily
    It is claimed by the proprietor that the first free newspaper in the Waverley area was the Bondi Daily which commenced publication in 1924. It was founded by R. Sydney Dorning Smith.
    Copies held Waverley Library: None
    Copies held SLNSW: None
  • The Bondi Local
    Copies held in Waverley Library: Winter, 1990
    Copies held SLNSW: Spring, 1990
  • Bondi Weekly
    In 1933 Waverley had its first 8-page weekly paper, founded by Harry Goldstein, called the Bondi Weekly. It was the first suburban newspaper to have a surf boat bearing its name.
    Copies held in Waverley Library: May 1942, January-December 1945, and February 1965 – July 1966
    Copies held SLNSW: None
  • The Bondi Weekly-Courier; the Weekly-Courier
    Copies held in Waverley Library: January 1965 – November 1989 Copies held SLNSW: 1977-1989
  • Eastern Express
    Issues held in Waverley Library: February 1990 – 27 October 1993
    Copies held SLNSW: 1990-1993
  • Eastern Herald
    Issues held in Waverley Library: 20 June 1985–1 October 1992 and December, 2000 – ongoing
    Copies held SLNSW: 2000-2001
  • Eastern Suburbs and South Sydney News
    Copies held Waverley Library: One partial issue December 1928 Copies held SLNSW: None
  • Eastern Suburbs Argus; East Sydney Argus
    Copies held Waverley Library: None
    Copies held SLNSW: 1903–1907
  • Eastern Suburbs Leader
    Commenced publication 1926.
    Copies held Waverley Library: Cover of April 1927
    Copies held SLNSW: None
  • The Eastern Suburbs Messenger; the Messenger
    Copies held in Waverley Library: 1995
    Copies held SLNSW: 1996-2000
  • Eastern Suburbs News
    Copies held Waverley Library: None
    Copies held SLNSW: 1960-1961
  • Eastern Suburbs Observer
    Printed and published by George Louis Asher Davies at Paddington.
    Copies held Waverley Library: None
    Copies held SLNSW: June, 1894
  • The Eastern Suburbs Spectator; The Bondi Spectator; The Bondi Eastern Suburbs Spectator; The Spectator; The Australian Spectator
    The paper began in July 1972 and has had slight changes of name. Copies held Waverley Library: July 1972 – 27 October 1988; 1994 – ongoing
    Copies held SLNSW: 1978-1984; 1990 - ongoing
    Available Online: http://www.thespectator.com.au/
  • Eastsider
    Copies held in Waverley Library: 1969
    Copies held SLNSW: None
  • The Insider
    The Insider commenced publication in 1969. It mainly covers the city and Woollahra Local Government Areas, but was distributed in Vaucluse, Rose Bay and Dover Heights.
    Copies held in Waverley Library: 1969
    Copies held SLNSW: None
  • The Local
    The Local was a Waverley/Woollahra Community newspaper. Copies held in Waverley Library: 1984-1985
    Copies held SLNSW: None
  • The Waverley Advertiser
    Copies held Waverley Library: None
    Copies held SLNSW: 1894–c.1896
  • The Waverley Standard
    Copies held Waverley Library: August 1991 – September 1999 Copies held SLNSW: None
  • Waverley Woollahra Standard
    The Waverley Woollahra Standard commenced publication in 1938.
    Copies held Waverley Library: One copy only May 30 1946
    Copies held SLNSW: None
  • Wentworth Courier
    Copies held in Waverley Library: June 1967 - ongoing
    Copies held SLNSW: September 1961 – ongoing
    Available Online: http://newslocal.digitaleditions.com.au/

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