Meredith Symonds- Save Our Beach (1988 – 1995)

“Many people have the wrong impression of how we work” -Women win in Waverley, Sydney Morning Herald, October 5 1989

Meredith was born in 1954, she was one of three children to Maurie Symonds and Elizabeth Ann Symonds. Her childhood was heavily influenced by politics and culture with her mother Ann Symonds being a deputy Mayor for Waverley Council before becoming a State Legistlative member.

Meredith was a Councillor from 1988 to 1995. Alongside third-term Mayor Barbara Armitage, Meredith was the Deputy Mayor in 1989. Together this was the first time two women would lead Waverley Council.

During her two terms with Waverley she was instrumentally involved in the formation of the Environmental Health Committee on Council and was Chairman of the Committee for a period of eight years. She boasted extensive knowledge of environmental issues and wrote a number of papers on waste management within the Sydney region. She was

Involved in the establishment of the Local Government Recycling Co-op Ltd and was the Deputy Director to the Southern Sydney Regional Waste Board from 1996-2000. In Waverley, one of her many achievements was the introduction of an affordable local warm farm project. At $60 for a 1000 worms the program was quite ground breaking at the time.