Kerryn Sloan - Liberal Party of Australia (1999 – 2012)

Kerryn was born at Royal South Sydney Hospital and was adopted at birth. Her adoptive mother died when she was 9 and she was very close to her adoptive father who raised her. She went to Fairfield Public School. She obtained at Diploma of Education and started her career as a teacher and taught English and Maths to students at Bethlehem College in Ashfield. She continued teaching even when serving on Council.

Kerryn also obtained a Diploma in Design and was very creative. Her passion for art and design was a driving force for art around the locality. Kerryn and her partner moved to Bondi to be near the beach, and they renovated the house they purchased in Bondi. Kerryn had formed an action group to fight against aircraft noise, flight paths and the dumping of fuel. Councillors Sally Betts and Joy Clayton met with Kerryn and convinced her that she could have more influence as a Councillor and achieve better outcomes and so she did just that.

She was Chair of the Finance/Public Arts Committee and on the Bondi Junction Committee and Development Control Committee. She was passionate about architectural design, art in the environment, and as Chair of the art committee encouraged many excellent artworks to be displayed throughout Waverley municipality Kerryn oversaw the installation of art in the Bondi Junction Mall and in the highrise buildings. She was most proud of “The Wave” in Hollywood Ave, the metal fish and the blue light to emulate water. She was always pushing for more art in Waverley.

Kerryn was an advocate for social justice, she fought for the closure of 31 unlicensed brothels operating in home units in Bondi Junction. As a result of this she was the target of many death threats. She endured many death threats and violence of which she frequently reported these incidents to Waverley Police. In spite of this harrowing experience her strength of character fought back to get the best outcomes for Waverley residents.

Kerryn served for 12 years, from 1999 – 2012 and was Deputy Mayor from 2006 – 2010.

By 2005 her declining health was a major problem being diagnosed with Lung Cancer and then brain cancer where she was under the care of Prof Charlie Teo AM. She passed away in 2020.