Recycling or disposing of larger or unusual items

WasteBroken electronic items and unsafe items like batteries, needles and chemicals are best kept out of normal garbage and landfill for health, environmental and safety concerns.

It’s easy with a number of free, safe disposal services available to you.

  • Electronic waste (e-waste)

    Avoid electronic waste like old TVs and broken kettles going to landfill by dropping them off at one of our e-waste drop-off days, held twice a year.

  • Chemical CleanOut

    CleanOut is a free drop-off service for the safe disposal of a range of common household chemicals. Find out more about what chemicals are taken and when collection events occur.

  • Battery recycling program

    Over 8,000 tonnes of toxic batteries end up in Australian landfills yearly. An easy domestic battery recycling program is available for Waverley residents.

  • Community sharps disposal

    Find out about the safe disposal of community sharps like needles, syringes and lancets at participating chemists in Waverley Council area.

  • Mattress recycling

    Each year in Australia, around 1.25 million mattresses end up in landfill. Waverley Council offers free mattress recycling for our residents.

  • Fridge and freezer disposal

    Dispose and recycle your second fridge or upright freezer with the Fridge Buyback Program.

More information

For more information or advice, please phone our Resource Recovery Hotline on 9083 8000.

More information
  • Phone our Resource Recovery Hotline on 9083 8000
  • Email us
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