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Sort it - Your Bin (Posters, brochures and stickers)

Contact Waverley Council's Resource Recovery Hotline on 9369 8080 to order any of the following posters, brochures and stickers for free.

Sort it - Poster

Green Bin

Garden waste (green lid) bin sticker

Household garbage (red lid) bin sticker

Yellow Bin

Container recycling (yellow lid) bin sticker

Paper & cardboard recycling (blue lid) bin sticker

Tricky items

Fact sheets


General information


Household garbage (red lid) bin


Container recycling (yellow lid) bin

Blue Bin

Paper & cardboard recycling
(blue lid) bin

Green Bin

Garden waste (green lid) bin


Sort it - Your Other Waste


No plastic bags sticker

Moving House/ Spring Cleaning

Clean Up Collection Brochure

No Junk Mail


Composting and wormfarming

Easy composting guide

Easy composting guide

Easy wormfarming guide

Easy wormfarming guide

Marvel of mulch

Easy mulching guide

What happens to my recycling?


What happens to my recycling?


How plastic is recycled


How aluminium & steel is recycled


How paper is recycled


How glass is recycled

More information

For more information about waste and recycling in Waverley, please contact our Customer Service Centre on (02) 9083 8000.

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