Keeping children safe around our roads and educating drivers about parking safety are key priorities for Waverley Council.

Road safety around schools

In 2008, Waverley Council endorsed a program of community education to raise public awareness of the dangers associated with illegal parking in school zones.

Feedback from the driving public indicated that the major reason for illegal parking in school zones is a lack of knowledge and understanding as to why children are put at particular risk by parking contrary to parking signage. To help address this gap in awareness, Council has produced and distributed educational material to help drivers understand the limitations of parking signs commonly found in school zones and explain the rationale behind imposing restricted parking during busy drop-off and pick-up periods.

Buzzy Bee with students from Waverley Public School and Cr Angela Burrill.

Bee Safe Buzzy Bee

A further educational strategy was to involve local primary-school children, the most vulnerable of pedestrians, by asking them to use their imagination and road safety knowledge to design a school zone road safety mascot to be the “face” of local school zone road safety promotions. The mascot design competition was carefully developed with input from the then NSW Department of Education and Training (DET) to support classroom learning around key road safety messages taught as part of the K-6 Personal Development, Health & Physical Education (PDH & PE) syllabus.

At the September 2008 launch of the winning mascot, Bee Safe Buzzy Bee®, Council announced that for a period of 12 months it would donate the net income from parking infringements issued in school zones to the Children’s Hospital Foundation at Randwick.

Since the launch, Bee Safe Buzzy® Bee has become a very popular visitor at local schools, community events and the Children’s Hospital at Randwick, and Council has donated over $40,000 for the purchase of essential equipment to help sick or injured children.