Current projects

Waverley Council is always looking for the best solutions to help manage demand for parking in the Waverley community. This includes installing new infrastructure and systems to help make parking your car in Waverley easier and more accessible.

Here, you’ll find information on some of the projects we are currently working on to improve parking services.

10 Minute Free Parking Trial

Following community feedback, Waverley Council has approved a 12 month trial of 10 minute free parking spaces in Hall Street and Jaques Avenue from early January 2018.

Two free parking spaces - 10 mins each - will be provided at Jaques Avenue adjacent to the Bondi Beach post office and another two free parking spaces - 10 minutes - will be provided on Hall St immediately in front of the Bondi Beach post office.

Along with these free spaces the motorcycle parking areas in Hall St (outside 27 Hall St) and Jaques Ave (adjacent to the post office) will be extended, providing an extra 5.3 metres parking across both locations.

The trial parking will be provided for a period of 12 months until further review.

Where will the free parking areas be located?

There will be two car spaces in Jaques Ave adjacent to the Bondi Beach post office and a further two spaces on Hall St immediately in front of the Bondi Beach Post Office.

Will I have to obtain a ticket from the meter?

No, a meter ticket is not required. The new 10 minute parking areas will be clearly designated and distinctive from the current metered area.

Will there be more spaces made free in the future?

Once the 12 month trial has concluded Waverley Council will evaluate and decide if it will install free parking in other areas.

Why was this location selected?

Council recognises that residents and visitors often need to make a quick trip to a shop or local business. This location has been selected as an ideal spot to provide 10 minute parking to allow for quick errands.

Is the motorcycle parking time restricted?

The motorcycle parking areas will have no time restriction.

Hall Street, Bondi, Signage Improvements

Council is reviewing all traffic and parking signs throughout our local government area with an end goal of de-cluttering Waverley. In late 2014, at a Traffic Committee meeting, Council approved two improvements to signage in Hall Street, Bondi.

What are the improvements?

The improvements are:

  • area parking signs: these have been placed at all Hall Street entrances and have replaced the existing parking signs that are dotted along the street. Please refer to the new area signs for parking rules and regulations
  • kerbside yellow lines: these have replaced all ‘no stopping’ and ‘no parking’ signs.

Hall Street Sign Changes

When did these improvements occur?

Both improvements were implemented after 22 June 2015.

What happens if I park where there are yellow lines or I do not pay for parking?

We ask that you are mindful of these signage improvements as penalties do apply. Under Australian Road Rules:

  • if a driver stops along a length of road with kerbside yellow marking the current penalties are $330 and two demerit points in a school zone and $257 in a standard no stopping zone
  • if a driver parks without current ticket displayed or parks for longer than allowed by ticket signs the penalty is $110.

Our Parking Officers are around if you need to ask for more information.

Is this the only place these improvements are occurring?

We have started to replace ‘no stopping’ and ‘no parking’ signs with kerbside yellow lines in residential areas throughout Waverley. We are letterbox dropping surrounding residents to let them know of the change as they occur.

Hall Street, Bondi, is the second street where we are replacing existing parking signs dotted along the street with area parking signs. The first street to undergo this improvement was Hegarty Lane in Bondi Junction in March 2015.

Are you going to implement area parking signs on any other streets?

In future yes – we are still investigating which streets / areas. For the time being we want to test how these improvements are received in Hall Street, Bondi.

Want more information?

Call Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9083 8000.

Review of parking prices

A comprehensive review of parking fees and charges was finalised, and a raft of changes came into place in 2015 to make the pricing system more fair and consistent, ease pressure on residential streets, and stimulate local business districts.

Please see the Parking Price Review Outcomes Fact Sheet for further details.

Motorcycle parking

Council already provides a number of free designated motorcycle parking spaces throughout the Waverley area. Starting in 2015, Council committed to identifying a significant increase in new free designated motorcycle parking spaces, over and above the scheduled annual 10 per cent increase.

We will keep this page updated with the details of the new designated motorcycle spaces once installed.

Online permits

Council is looking at options for a new online permit purchasing and renewal system to make purchasing and renewing parking permits easier. It will mean eligible residents and permit holders will be able to lodge their applications for new or renewed parking permits online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In 2016 Council began using a secure permit database that retains permit history and enables us to keep more accurate data on the number, type and use of permits, as required by RMS mandatory guidelines. We also began sending out renewal letters to residential and beach permit holders.

We will continue to keep this page updated with the progress of this project.

Car parks upgrade

Upgrades to Hollywood and the Library car parks were completed in early 2017, including cleaning, painting and the installation of new lighting and parking guidance equipment.  The painting and lighting is complete for Eastgate car park and the parking guidance installation is on track for completion in 2017.

Daily Visitor Parking Permits

Starting September 1, 2017 Daily Visitor Parking Permits will be rolled out across the Residential Parking Scheme Areas allowing eligible residents to provide daily parking to visitors and guests.

Daily Visitor Parking Permits are a scratch permit where visitors and guests scratch the year, month and day of use, and then display on the left-hand side of the front windscreen (away from any tinted area).

The amount of permits available for eligible residents per calendar year is dependent on the RPS area. Please refer to the below table for permit allocation.

AreaPermits Available


Maximum of 2 bundles per calendar year


Maximum of 3 bundles per calendar year


Fully subscribed area, no permits available


Maximum of 3 bundles per calendar year


Maximum of 3 bundles per calendar year


Maximum of 3 bundles per calendar year


Maximum of 2 bundles per calendar year


Maximum of 3 bundles per calendar year


Maximum of 3 bundles per calendar year


Maximum of 3 bundles per calendar year


Maximum of 3 bundles per calendar year

From 1st September 2017 permits will be available at Council’s Customer Service Centre, 55 Spring Street, Bondi Junction, or by emailing a completed application form with the required identification to


For more information about current parking projects, please email our administration team or phone 9083 8000.