Current projects

Waverley Council is always looking for the best solutions to help manage the high demand for parking in Waverley.

This includes trialling and installing new infrastructure and systems to make parking easier and more accessible and to help encourage activity in Waverley’s commercial areas after business hours.

Shaping the future of parking

In April 2018 Council consulted widely with the community over a proposal to radically overhaul Waverley’s Parking Permits and Fees.

We consulted on the benefits, implications and costs of six proposed changes, which included:

We received hundreds of responses and as a result of the extensive feedback Council decided to implement three of the six proposed changes that recorded the strongest overall support. They are:

Making the first Resident Parking Permit free

The first Residential Parking Permit will be free of charge from 1 July 2018. This includes:

  • Permit for resident vehicle where there is no other permit at the property and no car space
  • Permit for motorcycle, scooter and electric scooter

This does not include:

  • Permit for resident vehicle where there is a car space at the property
  • Permit for 2nd or 3rd resident vehicle
  • Visitor permit (Annual, Short Term, Tradesperson, etc)

*Eligible residents must apply with a copy of their vehicle registration papers showing the name and current Waverley address of the applicant as well as two forms of proof of address.

Switching off all parking meters in Bondi Junction after 6pm

From 1 July 2018, all parking meters in the commercial areas of Bondi Junction will be switched off at 6pm.

Parking meters located in streets where a residential parking permit applies will not be switched off at 6pm.

The purpose of the change is to encourage motorists to visit the central business hub in the evening.

Please note that time restrictions still apply in metered areas so motorists need to check signs.

Creating 25 15-minute ‘drop-in’ zones near/in local shopping strips

We are proposing to install 25 suitable ‘drop-in’ zones throughout Bondi Junction, Charing Cross and Bondi Beach. These spaces will be close to shops and businesses and we will be consulting with the community in late 2018 on the recommended locations.

Once installed a meter ticket is not required where there is a 15p sign.

Free Beach Parking Permits for residents

The proposal to make the beach permit free for residents did not gain overwhelming endorsement. Approximately 45 per cent of those surveyed supported the proposal while 44 per opposed it.

Taking this into consideration, and the considerable impact on revenue, Council decided not to implement this proposal.

Switching off parking meters in Bondi Beach after 7pm

Approximately 60 per cent of the community supported this proposal, while 27 per cent opposed it. Taking into account the loss of revenue of more than $1.2 million annually if the proposal were introduced, and the lack of stronger support in the community, Council decided not to implement this proposal at this stage, but will continue to investigate how it can be partially implemented in the future

15-minute free parking in metered zones

Approximately 57 per cent of the community supported this proposal, while 33 per cent opposed it. The Council felt the 15-minute ‘drop-in’ zones were an alternative that was easier to enforce, ensuring vehicle turnover and the availability of parking spaces, so decided not to implement this proposal.

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