New fee structure FAQs

How did the Council come up with the new fee structure for the car parks?

Council has conducted a Parking Pricing Review in order to set on-and off-street parking rates in a fair and consistent way to benefit the community as a whole. A review of the car parks identified that they were operating at a rate below market value. The setting of new rates will assist in ensuring that the cost of running and improving the car parks is paid for by the users of the car park as opposed to rate payers alone.

Why did the all day fee increase in Eastgate?

Council took market forces into consideration when deciding on pricing points in the car park and adjusted the rates in line with similar car parks in the area. The price for all day parking at Eastgate had not previously changed since 2011.

Will the increased Eastgate fee result in any benefits for customers?

Any increase in revenue will be invested back into the car park to upgrade and refresh the facilities.

Why have you introduced a half hour fee structure in Eastgate?

This assists with ensuring that customers only pay for what they use. Both collected data and customer feedback indicates Eastgate is primarily used for short term stays.

Why have early bird times at Hollywood and the Library been set at 9.30am to 3.30pm. 

Early bird times have been set in keeping with industry best practice and provide a level of consistency between our car parks and others. Eastgate does not have any entry time restrictions for its all day parking. Customers are able to park at Eastgate (roof top level) for $17 per day.

What are my options if I can’t park before 9.30am and utilise the Early bird option?

Customers are able to park at Eastgate (roof top level) for $17 per day. Alternatively, all three car parks offer a monthly parking permit at a rate of $300 at Hollywood and Library car park and $320 at Eastgate car park. This is the equivalent of the $15 per day early bird rate and provides access outside of early bird times.

Has there been any community consultation on the fee changes?

Council reviews and displays all of its fees and charges annually in accordance with s608 of the Local Government Act 1993. Changes to the car park pricing structure were on display from 23 April to 26 May 2015. Council's Pricing Policy, Fees & Changes is on display every June in the Customer Service Centre.

Why have you introduced a validation system for the Library car park?

It allows us to increase the length of the free period available whilst ensuring that the intended users of the free period - Library, Mill Hill Centre and Senior Centre users are catered for.