Filming and photography

Waverley Council has a permit system to help manage the high demand of filming and photography requests, making it equitable and to help minimise the impact on residents, visitors and the local environment. The permit also ensures proposed filming and/or photography is suitable for the location, residents are notified where applicable, and that organisations have public liability insurance.

Council approval is required prior to all filming and commercial still photography in public space, on footpaths or roads. No permit is required if activity is on private property.

All filming and still photography should be in accordance with the Local Government Filming Protocol 2009

Please be advised that unless confirmation email has been received or a permit issued the activity has not been approved and cannot proceed. 


  • Bondi Skate Park can only be utilised in school hours: 9.30am–2.30pm.
  • Film makers and photographers should notify relevant authorities, such as the RMS and NSW Police about large-scale, potentially hazardous or any other activities they may need to be aware of.


  • A completed application form must be submitted to Council no less than 48 hours in advance of filming.
  • If your production is low impact and involves less than 10 cast and crew, there is no fee. 
  • A crew and cast over this will incur administration and location fees.

Commercial photography

If your photo shoot has less than 3 people there is no fee (unlessyour application is for either of the Waverley Cemeteries, than a minimum of$205 per hour is applicable).

Applications must be received five days in advance. If within 5 days a late feeof $215 applies.

Application process

Complete the Filming Application Form or the Photography Application Form and return it to Council. Provide a current Australian Public Liability Insurance Certificate of no less than $10 million noting Waverley Council.

Fees and charges

Council's fees are set out in the Pricing Policy and Statement of fees and charges for 2016-17.  

Parking requirements

Please visit Parking to view Council car parks and the associated metered costs. Note, no application to Council for parking is required for vehicles less than 6m in length (1 vehicle = 1 car space rule) and if it is parked legally within any timed restrictions.
If the production vehicle/s involved are longer then 6m and need to take up more then one car space or you need to stay longer then a restricted timed parking area then please provide a map with your film application showing where you would like to arrange parking permits for.

Things to consider before applying

  • Film equipment: All equipment must be included in your application form. Should you require the use of a camera crane you must submit a safety analysis of the area.
  • Noise pollution: Sound/noise is not to negatively impact on public or residents and Council may require a noise management plan.
  • Risk management plan may be required to show how risks have been addressed. 
  • Traffic management report must be submitted if your activity affects pedestrians and management of vehicles. 

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