Registered fitness training

In order to operate in our Council area trainers must be registered with Council. They must also comply with certain conditions i.e. be placed in accordance with Council's Policy i.e have insurance; first aid and fitness registration.

Residents wishing to use the services of a company to provide personal/group training should contact one of these companies.

Companies found to be operating in our area without consent, may be fined.

Fitness training area map (click on image to enlarge)

Name CompanyWebsiteArea 6 (Bondi Beach ParkTraining Area
Todd J Hutchinson TMH Personal 2 (Bondi Beach Park)
Todd Andrew Newlands TNT Bondi BeachToddnewlands@gmail.comArea 1 (Bondi Beach Park)
Axel Lorenz GESUNDHEIT Health Area 2 (Bondi Beach Park)
Justine Rintoul Triveda 2 (Bondi Beach Park)
Aaron Laurence Evolution To Area 5 (Bondi Beach Park)
Nick Coumbis T/a IN GOOD NICKwww:// 5 (Bondi Beach Park)
Keiran Barry The Well Area 5 (Bondi Beach Park)
Elizabeth Babet BUF Girlswww:// 6 (Bondi Beach Park)
Andrew Papadopoulos Speedo Fitness Club & Battle Fitandrewpap01@icloud.comArea 6 (Bondi Beach Park)
Richard Overstall Bondi Personal Trainingbondipersonaltraining@gmail.comArea 6 (Bondi Beach Park)
Yves Minten Team One 7 (Bondi Beach Park)
Rhoderck Hunter Military Fit 7 (Bondi Beach Park)
Matt Buckland Evolution To 12 (Bronte Park)
Vix Erber Bondi Vixenwww.bondivixen.comArea 15 (Bondi Beach)
Yves Minten Team One 15 (Bondi Beach)
Daniel Clay Dangerously 15 (Bondi Beach)
Elizabeth Babet BUF Girlswww:// 15 (Bondi Beach)
Maurice Aron Gravity Worksmaurice.aron@me.com1:1
Peter Sousamlis Fitness
Nadine Veverka Her Master Plan