Bondi Pavilion Theatre

There's no better place to see theatre in Sydney!

Grab a drink from the Theatre Bar, stroll out to the balcony overlooking famous Bondi Beach, before attending a professional production in the iconic Bondi Pavilion Theatre.

Bondi Pavilion Theatre  Bondi Pavilion Balcony Theatre Bar

The Bondi Pavilion Theatre has been an iconic institution in the Sydney Theatre scene since the 1970s. Established by a group of thespians and theatre practitioners from the local area, this group, known as The Bondi Theatre Group, with the help of Waverley Council staff, refurbished the old Palm Court Ballroom space in the Bondi Pavilion which became the Bondi Pavilion Theatre.

The Bondi Pavilion Theatre was officially opened by the Prime Minister of Australia Gough Whitlam in 1974 and since then has seen an amazing range of theatre productions, actors, directors and technicians through it's doors. The Bondi Pavilion Theatre has been the training ground to many artists over the decades who have gone on to have great careers in Australia and around the world.

The Bondi Pavilion Theatre was refurbished in 2008 and will again take on a new life with the Bondi Pavilion renovations and upgrades planned in the near future.

Where is the theatre located?

The Bondi Pavilion Theatre is located at Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach.
Buses 333,380, 381, 382 or paid parking available at the venue.

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