Waverley Park – Oval No.2 (Synthetic)

Waverley Park Oval No. 2 was upgraded to a Synthetic Turf Field in May 2016. This upgrade was necessary to meet the high demand from sporting groups who needed more access a full size field. Previously the natural grass field would be closed for approximately 6 months a year for maintenance however, this upgrade will reduce the fields maintenance time significantly. The new facility will cater for football (soccer), rugby union, rugby league, casual games and school sport.

Sport Field Rules

  •  Authorised group bookings only allowed
  • Moulded studs or blades are permitted, no metal studded football boots
  • Do not wear flat soled trainers or sports trainers unless approved by Council
  • Strictly no piercing the field for corner posts, goal nets or other training aids
  • No smoking or naked flames permitted on or near the field
  • No chewing gum allowed on the field
  • No animals are permitted on the synthetic field
  • Do not obstruct entrances/exits gates with equipment
  • Report any damages to Waverley Council Venue Hire immediately (90838300)
  • Synthetic field must be kept clean and tidy, users responsible for removing their rubbish and placing it in the bins provide
  • Please vacate the field promptly at the end of booking
  • All hires must adhere to Councils Rules, Terms and Conditions. If found to be in breach of any of these terms, Council reserves the right to cancel bookings, effective immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book?

To make a booking please call the Venue Hire office on 9083 8300 or emailvenuehire@waverley.nsw.gov.au

Booking permits need to be presented to Council Rangers if requested.

What Line Markings and Goals are available?

Permanent line markings for Football (Soccer), Rugby Union and there are marker for Rugby League. Combined Football and Rugby posts will be provided.

Any additional equipment needs to be approved by Council. No spiking or piecing the surface is allowed.

Wet Weather?

The surface is suitable for all types of weather. As such, booked sessions can go ahead in wet weather.

Who is using the field?

Waverley Council has 10 clubs who have regular winter use of Waverley Park. This includes Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Gaelic Football and Australian Football. Playing Field #2 at Waverley Park was recently identified as the only suitable site within the Local Government Area (LGA) to fit a full size synthetic grass field for Football, Rugby League and Rugby Union.  

Perceived Health Risks to Community

There has been significant interest from local communities on the perceived health risk of synthetic sports turf. A number of synthetic safety and risk assessments have been completed, and it is important to note that while relatively new in Sydney, Synthetic Turf has advanced over the years.Council has referred to independent consultants, national and state sporting bodies and available research and is confident there is no serious public health concern. 

Information on Synthetic Fields from Footballl NSW and the Australian Rugby Union, including perceived risks, can be found on the following links: