Hugh Bamford Reserve

Mainly flat playing field with views to the Ocean. The reserve also contains remnant vegetation, which is looked after by a team of dedicated bushcare volunteers.

Location: Hugh Bamford Reserve, Bondi, NSW, 2026

How to book: To hire the Hugh Bamford Reserve either email your request to or telephone 9083 8300.

Public transport options: The 380 bus routes drops off on Military Road and it's a short walk up the driveway where the Hall is situated.

Main useSportaShade TreesNo
Play equipmentNoLine markingsBy arrangement
Public ToiletsNo^PoolNo
Floodlights YesParking Some
Goalposts No Kiosk No
Views Ocean Maximum Party Size 200 

How much does it cost:

Hugh Bamford Reserve  
Weekdaysper hr$37
Weekends per hr $39 
Local School Rate Mon-Fri 9am to 3pm per hr $19

a Prohibitions in Park: alcohol, bicycles, skateboards, portable BBQs.
^ Find the public toilets closest to this park