Start Date: 20/02/2018 Start Time: 10:00 am End Date: 04/03/2018 End Time: 10:00 am


Bondi Pavilion Gallery
20 February - 4 March
10am - 5pm daily

Artist: James Robinson

As a part of the Surfs Up @ the Pav, the Bondi Pavilion Gallery will present the works of local artist James Robinson. Robinson brings a lifetime love affair with the ocean and is known for his unique style combining drawing and woodwork. His handmade wooden surfboards and paddles are inspired by the traditional Hawaiian surf craft known as Paipo’s & Alaia’s and adorned with illustrative detailed artwork burnt into the fibres of the wood in a hand drawn process called Pyrography.

Drift will be a unique showcase, transporting the viewer into a different realm, join him for the ride.