05/12/17 - 17/12/17  10am - 5pm dailyBondi Pavilion Gallery

When most people think of Bondi, they imagine a singular narrative focused on a spectacular beach populated with beautiful people,surfers, skateboarders, trendy cafes and penthouses… And yes, that’s all part of the local scene. But for others, including long-time locals like Jonathan,there’s another Bondi, rooted in its late 19th century history as an unglamorous working class suburb, which didn't become democratised as a community and cultural icon until the advent of the Bondi tram in 1902. Look closely at Bondi, and you will still find vestiges of its unpretentious past,deeply at odds with its increasing gentrification. Discovering the ‘real Bondi’ is a fascinating process. This exhibition presents a range of sometimes contrasting images that challenge our preconceptions about Bondi. It will hopefully be a starting point to a conversation that engages locals and tourists by asking them to contribute and share their ideas and images of ‘the real Bondi’.