Katrina Lezaic

7/11/17 - 19/11/17
10am - 5pm daily

Bondi Pavilion Gallery

Katrina Lezaic’s photographic series unpicks the human resistance to forgetting the past and the reckoning needed to shape the future.The works are stills taken from an old family home video recorded before her birth, which coincided with the dissolution of the family unit. Time has distorted much of the footage, which includes her parent’s honeymoon to Bali in1972 and intimate family celebrations and reunions as European migrants living in Australia in the 70s, however, the images presented are ambivalent and open– landscapes and moments between. Examining the notions of identity and familiarity, this exhibition is perhaps a cue to questioning what we value, why we value it and what we are accountable for destroying, preserving or transforming.