Bondi Pavilion Gallery

Applications now open for 2017

Located in the iconic heritage listed Bondi Pavilion, the Bondi Pavilion Gallery hosts an international audience with visitors from all walks of life. Boasting enormous visitation, Bondi Pavilion Gallery is a creative hub placed on the foreshore of contemporary Australian Culture.

Applications close 31 October 2016 for consideration for 2017.

If you have problems with your application, please contact

Current exhibition

Gelato in July, Yulia Pustoshkina

Bondi Pavilion Gallery
20 September – 2 October, 2016
10am – 5pm daily

A series of oil paintings by Russian-born, third generation artist Yulia Pustoshkina. Her new surrealist series is influenced by artists of the High Renaissance, their classical traditions and teachings. Yulia crafts a world based on her love of fairy-tales, in her world animals can talk and do strange things things, the real and imagined world collide and nothing is as it seems. Yulia’s stories are allegorical, there is always the purpose of everything the characters do, every object has meaning, each painting reveals a story - it is your choice to see it or not

Coming Soon 

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Jacqueline Butterworth - the old bear and the sea

The Old Bear and the Sea is a painted tale of an old bear, whose young owner was lost at sea long ago, and who leaves home in a toy boat to find him.

Borrowed timevspace="5"

Borrowed Time – Tannya Harricks and Virginia Woods Jack

An exhibition of paintings and photographic images by artists Tannya Harricks and Virginia Woods-Jack in response to the ecologically fragile Fraser Island (K’Gari).

Mapping Sydneyvspace="5"

Mapping Sydney – Caroline Bouquet

Mapping Sydney" is the name of my project, my Dairy. I am constantly looking for landmarks, for anchors, Light Houses, waves and their lines. These details and elements have helped me to set roots in Australia.


Kaleidoscope - The Tutors of Waverley Woollahra Art School

The exhibition highlights the dynamism which unfolds as different artists collaborate in one Art School. The diverse practices and quality of talent of tutors currently teaching...

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Gallery open 10-5pm daily.

Free Admission.

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