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The Enchanted Garden

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9 – 27 January 2019
10am-5pm daily

Featuring Tully Arnot, Trevor Smith, Mylyn Nguyen, ChiliPhilly, David Lawrey and Jaki Middleton, Rosie Deacon, Marc Etherington and Emily Crockford

The Enchanted Garden is a curatorial project presented by Waverley Council to offer contemporary art to contemporary kids, (both young in age or at heart). Throughout January, the Bondi Pavilion Gallery will be transformed into a magic garden while offering a range of story times, workshops and experiences for visitors young and old. Here in The Enchanted Garden, you may find that art is the best kind of magic.

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Bondi Impressions – The Tilbury Press

29th Jan 2019

The Tilbury Press is a letterpress print studio operated by local resident Matt Tilbury.  Here he explores the black art of letterpress design and print, using methods over 500 years in the making. Working with a collection of wood and metal type he produces limited edition posters and prints using inks that are hand mixed, on antique presses that are hand operated.

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+A (plus Allies) – Guy James Whitworth

11th Feb 2019

In honor of Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Guy James Whitworth will set up studio in our iconic Bondi Pavilion, uniquely starting with an empty gallery and filling it over the 2 weeks of his exhibition with colourful, vibrant portraits of Bondi Beach’s diverse visitors who identify as allies of the LGBTQI communities.


A Garden of Sculptures – Cibele Fernandes

25th Feb 2019

A solo show by Brazilian born, Sydney based artist Cibele Fernandes, featuring her unique digital engravings and video artworks. For Cibele, digital technologies are an essential part of the creative process allowing her to draw parallels between the physical and virtual worlds.

In her newest series Garden of Sculptures, Cibele presents organic sculptures that occupy a virtual space. They are illusionary, seductive and uncanny, utilising real world imagery to create something of an imaginary other-world.

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Capturing the Light – Tricia Taylor

26th Feb 2019

This exhibition by Tricia Taylor sets to capture the ever changing light of the amazing coastline from Coogee to Sydney Heads and beyond.
In the words of the artist “Painting from life en plein air is really important to me. Being surrounded by the sights, smells, sounds you feel one with the landscape as you capture the light.“

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SALT – The House that Dan Built

16th Apr 2019

Inspired by oral storytelling tradition and myths, in an immersive 360 degree space, female voices sing out to the audience, asking them to listen to a history of silence.

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Waste No More - John Dahlsen, Environmental Art - A 20 Year Retrospective

2nd Apr 2019

This exhibition celebrates the work of Australian Environmental Artist Dr. John Dahlsen. Central concerns of his career exemplify a commitment to express contemporary social and environmental concerns, while simultaneously sharing a positive message about the aesthetic experience.

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Heat - Paul Blackmore

30th Apr 2019

During consecutive heat waves over the past four summers, Blackmore documented life on Sydney’s beaches revealing a culture laid bare under an ever-hotter sun.The artist captures the intensity of the crowds, the kinetic energy that emanates from humanity escaping the built environment; bathers absorbing the sun and seeking relief from the heat in the cool water - the sensual, redemptive act of immersing oneself in the enormity of the ocean.

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Passed Failures – Ben Rak

20th Aug 2019

Passed Failures is an attempt to develop a conceptual, visual language, which metaphorically explore the identity politics of otherness and the act of “passing” as somebody else.

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Great North Walk – Cathe Stack and Robyn Ourtram

24th Sep 2019

The Great North Walk is a historical and geographically significant pathway which connects the cities of Sydney and Newcastle. In an epic expedition, the artists traversed this walk researching its forms, topography, geology, biodiversity and history, ultimately coming to question how does this landscape shape the artefacts which they create?

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Under Twenty-Seven – Ella Deyfus

22nd Oct 2019

Under Twenty-Seven is a series of portraits depicting the same group of men as they evolve from childhood into adulthood, and their development from boyhood in 2005, through adolescence in 2012, into young men in 2019. The sensitive and poignant portraits address contemporary concepts of masculinity and Dreyfus acknowledges her privileged position as mother and witness to these subtle yet momentous changes.

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Changing Horizons – Tricia Trinder

5th Nov 2019

Tricia Trinder is an encaustic artist creating horizon and porthole series expressing visually a feeling of calmness and release afforded to us by the ocean horizon. She is intrigued by how the colours and texture of the ocean are influenced by the colours and light in the sky. Her Horizons encourages the viewer to contemplate what is beyond.

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