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Applications now open for 2017

Located in the iconic heritage listed Bondi Pavilion, the Bondi Pavilion Gallery hosts an international audience with visitors from all walks of life. Boasting enormous visitation, Bondi Pavilion Gallery is a creative hub placed on the foreshore of contemporary Australian Culture.

Applications close 31 October 2016 for consideration for 2017.

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Current exhibition

FiveArtists; Four Walls; Three Weeks

Bondipavilion Gallery
22November – 11 December

Fivelocal artists invite you to enjoy their pop-up lounge and experience worksinspired by the natural elements. Natalie Penn, Keren Rockman, MarnieRoss, Alex Smith and David Stein all share an affinity with the naturalenvironment and have responded creativity, exploring a diverse range of mediumsand techniquesincluding painting, photography and printmaking. This unique gallery experienceendeavours to provide a homely and inviting space to view the work.

Alex Smith

Alex Smith is a local architectwho has been practising in Bondi and the local area for 26 years. Photographyhas been his passion since he was a young boy. Alex is inspired by textures,patterns and movement observed in natural and built environments. Themagnificence of nature, the sea, sky, rocks and the ever changing light at alltimes of day, continually engage him.

Photography is his way ofexpressing gratitude and appreciation for these wonders.

Current Exhibition

I am inspired by the light andmood of Bondi at dawn and dusk. I spend time exploring the rocks of NorthBondi, my home, capturing the movement of the water and the serenity of theplace. I love the ever-changing raw beauty and marvel at its coexistence with acity of 5 million people. This place where the built environment and naturemeet is my inspiration - formed by the weather and the tides, people and theirpets, rooftops, waves, rocks and of course light.

Natalie Penn

Natalie Penn has been creatingart for 20 years. Natalie considers the creative process to be innate and anextension of her self expression. Using a variety of mediums she is inspired bythe natural world and its mystery. Natalie challenges herself to usenon-traditional techniques and think outside the square. Her work is acelebration of the details that make up the complex and beautiful forms ofnature.

Current Exhibition

Inspiration for my works derivesfrom the elements of wind and wood. I am particularly drawn to birds as theyexemplify the wildest animals in our urban environment. Birds are the mastersof air, and dance to its rhythm; in a similar way, the ancient fig trees,sentinels of our city, are wild and timeless, their leaves and branches dancetoo, to a slightly different beat.

Music and lyrics have been theinspiration for the titles of works in the Magpie Series. Musicians such asRossini; Leonard Cohen; Fleetwood Mac; Jimi Hendrix; Manhattan Transfer; LynyrdSkynyrd & The Beatles.

Keren Rockman

Keren Rockman is a Sydney basedartist and Interior Designer, with a professional background as a LandscapeArchitect. Painting is an extension of her design practice, allowing hercreative expression beyond the ‘drafting’ table. Keren has been painting forover 10 years, during this time undertaking lessons in painting, drawing and sculpture,and has exhibited in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Keren creates abstractcompositions inspired by the landscape’s incredible natural formations. Hermulti-layered paintings, using various mediums, often blur the lines ofreality, encouraging viewers to visually explore beyond constraints imposed bytrue images.

Current Exhibition Inspirationfor this series of works comes from adventures around Sydney’s waterways onwild and quieter waters. These works reflect my sensory response to the powerof the waves – the fear and excitement then the transition to stillness. Theintensity of blues and bold tones transitioning to the calm whites - theserenity of the harbour, the stillness, and the peace of tranquil waters washedin daylight. Works include oils and acrylics on linen and cotton canvases.Sustainable plantation timbers, Oak and Ash have been used in framing.

Marnie Ross

Marnie Ross is a contemporarypainter and printmaker based in Sydney. After completing a Masters of Art atCOFA in 2010, she has continued to exhibit in both group and solo shows.Marnie’s abstract works are a response to organic forms and the ever-changingdesigns created by light, movement and time. Strong contrasts exist both inmateriality and paint application techniques. Vividly coloured translucentshapes float over natural textures and patterns embedded in the surface.Printmaking processes have a strong influence on her paintings, inspiringmulti-layered compositions with attention to surface texture.

David Stein

David Stein studied artconservation at Canberra University and continues to work as a conservator inprivate practice in Sydney after 30 years.

David loves art and feelsfortunate to be working in a technical capacity as a professional in the artworld. This is his first exhibition as an artist, and the experience has givenhim the opportunity to challenge himself and extend his passion for art into acreative capacity.

Current Exhibition

I love paint. I love theeffect that is created by energetic, messy, action painting where chaos isencouraged and accidents are exploited. My failure or success is determinedintuitively and instinctively whilst wholly in the moment. I love painterlyfluid gestures and the movement and run of paint with its resulting colours,textures and random marks and effects. My art is an expression of emotionthrough the sub conscious. Nature and the elements have been my influences.

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Pottery at the Pavilion Christmas Show

Students of the popular Pottery at the Pavilion classes will exhibit their work in a special pop-up exhibition in the Bondi Pavilion Gallery.

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