Bondi Pavilion Gallery

Applications now open for 2018

Located in the iconic heritage listed Bondi Pavilion, the Bondi Pavilion Gallery hosts an international audience with visitors from all walks of life. Boasting enormous visitation, Bondi Pavilion Gallery is a creative hub placed on the foreshore of contemporary Australian Culture.

Applications close Monday 31 July 2017 at 5pm  for consideration for a 2018 exhibition.

If you have problems with your application, please contact

Current exhibition

Memories of Mermaids


21/03/17 - 02/04/17
10 am -5pm daily
Bondi Pavilion Gallery

Memories of the Mermaids is about the Blackman family experience of Bondi; the surfers, swimmers, sunbathers and family scenarios,spanning across the decades and several generations. This rich imagery and pictorial magic is captured in the Blackman’s paintings, offering enriching emotional responses that stir up deep warm feelings in the spectator.


Coming Soon 

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Waverley Artist Studios Presents: SYNAPSE

Synapse presents the work of five past and present Waverley Artist Studios residents whose practices bridge traditional forms of art making to incorporate sound, screen, robotics and science.

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Head On – Ludlites Love Utopia

This year marks the 501st anniversary of Thomas More’s classic book ‘Utopia’, considered one of the most important works of European humanism in which More describes the ideal city and state.

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The Pauline McLeod Awards 2017

To celebrate 2017 National Reconciliation Week (27 May to 3 June), the Pauline McLeod Awards come to Bondi Pavilion, marking the 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum and 25th anniversary of the Mabo decision.

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Endless Summer – Open Bite Printmakers

Open Bite Printmakers will hold an exciting new show, ‘Endless. The emphasis will be on Bondi, past and present. They will showcase a variety of print techniques including etching, woodblock (notably Japanese woodblock), collagraph, monoprint, linocut, lithograph and screenprint.


Clay - where we came from

This exhibition is a visual journey of where clay comes from and where it is going. It will show the process of how the natural resource becomes an artistic material and will demonstrate how a wide variety of contemporary artists have used it in our post modern era.

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Listen to the land

Regional artists Meg Sprouster and Barb Strand bring together the essence and spirituality of the Australian landscape, with works that are contemporary, colourful, and sensitive interpretations of our country.

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The sky is falling

In the exhibition The Sky is Falling… Project Kollective Spaces (PKS) explores the huge impact urban development is having on the quality of our environment and the rising tension between our built and natural environments.

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Katrina Lezaic

Katrina Lezaic’s photographic series unpicks the human resistance to forgetting the past and the reckoning needed to shape the future.

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Jo Katsiaris is a multi disciplinary artist working across the mediums of painting, drawing and installation. In ‘Raw II’, Jo continues to explore themes surrounding the rawness of the human condition, the fragility of our environment and the beauty of imperfection.

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When most people think of Bondi, they imagine a singular narrative focused on a spectacular beach populated with beautiful people, surfers, skateboarders, trendy cafes and penthouses… And yes, that’s all part of the local scene.

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Gallery open 10-5pm daily.

Free Admission.

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