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Bondi Pavilion Gallery
3 - 14 October
10am - 5pm daily

Artist: Catherine Steele

What Lies Down the Rabbit Hole…

Wonderlands is an illustration collection inspired by two stories- the timeless classic, Alice in Wonderland and an original fairytale, The Little Red Suitcase.

These are tales of difference, adventure, bravery and curiosity. Above all, they are about finding your feet in a strange new place. Children and adults alike are invited to enter into a world of colour, quirky characters, great danger and also great beauty, as our two indomitable heroines boldly face the unknown.

Told through a series of exquisitely detailed watercolour illustrations, Wonderlands is a celebration of the enduring power of art and storytelling in an increasingly digital world.

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Walking On Bondi Beach - The Last 10 Years

16 - 28 October. WALKING ON BONDI BEACH -THE LAST 10 YEARS. Artist: David Itzkowic. Walking the Beach – the last 10 years is a fun and fascinating archive of the unique relationship between the beach and those who occupy it. This is Bondi, captured through Bondi eyes.


World Of Interiors

20 November - 2 December. WORLD OF INTERIORS. Artists: Anna John and Koji Rui. Anna John is an artist and musician interested in the materiality of immaterial things. Koji Ryui re-configures quotidian materials into sculptural propositions with minimal gestures and a playful sensibility.


Terra Incognita

4 - 16 December. TERRA INCOGNITA. Artist: Alex Munt. Taking to his own personal photographic archive to locate moments of banality, ritual and happenstance in the everyday.

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Traces of Places

1 - 18 November 2018. Five past and present Waverley Studio Artists explore the relationship between the traversing of places, and the gesture of tracing.

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