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Passed Failures - Ben Rak

20 August - 1 September
10am - 5pm daily

Bondi Pavilion Gallery

Passed Failures is an attempt to develop a conceptual, visual language, which metaphorically explore the identity politics of otherness and the act of “passing” as somebody else.

By positioning mechanically and autographically generated elements in diametric opposition on the same image plane, the artist defies the viewer’s expectation of what is reproduced and what is authentic, blurring the lines between genuine and performed gestures. To what lengths must the artist go to displace the origin of the marks and successfully ‘pass’ himself as an original?

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    7 Stunden Ballonarbiet/7 Hour Balloon Work by Michaela Gleave

    5th Sep 2019

    7 Stunden Ballonarbiet/7 Hour Balloon Work documents a live video performance that was streamed via Skype between Berlin and Sydney on the 10 August 2010.  For seven hours artist Michaela Gleave sat in her studio in Berlin continuously blowing up balloons, gradually filling the space until she buried herself under her labours.  At the completion of the performance the artist popped all the balloons and left the room.

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    Dip, Roll and Turn

    9th Oct 2019

    Balancing their growing know-how with exploration students cajole the clay into a variety of forms. Our studio is a haven for locals seeking to develop their ideas, awaken their senses and increase well-being. Come

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    Under Twenty-Seven – Ella Dreyfus

    22nd Oct 2019

    Under Twenty-Seven is a series of portraits depicting the same group of men as they evolve from childhood into adulthood, and their development from boyhood in 2005, through adolescence in 2012, into young men in 2019

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    Changing Horizons – Tricia Trinder

    5th Nov 2019

    Tricia Trinder is an encaustic artist creating horizon and porthole series expressing visually a feeling of calmness and release afforded to us by the ocean horizon. She is intrigued by how the colours and texture of the ocean are influenced by the colours and light in the sky. Her Horizons encourages the viewer to contemplate what is beyond.

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    I am someone – Gary Sheppard

    19th Nov 2019


    THE SEA - Luke Cornish

    24th Jul 2019

    Award winning artist Luke Cornish (E.L.K) presents a solo exhibition of works informed by three trips made to war torn Syria during 2016 – 2017. Compelling and often confronting, Cornish’s interest in conflict and the human condition has seen him travel to some of the most dangerous conflict zones in the world.

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    Body Double

    24th Sep 2019

    Body Double presents the work of three Waverley Studio Artists who insert themselves into their own moving image artworks. In doing so these artists perform unlikely gestures which explore historical, social, cultural and philosophical ideas. Featuring the works of Caroline Garcia, Tully Arnot and Kate Mitchell.

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