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Applications now open for 2019

Located in the iconic heritage listed Bondi Pavilion, the Bondi Pavilion Gallery hosts an international audience with visitors from all walks of life. Boasting enormous visitation, Bondi Pavilion Gallery is a creative hub placed on the foreshore of contemporary Australian Culture.

Applications close Monday 30 July 2018 at 5pm for consideration for a 2019 exhibition.

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Current exhibition

What Lies Beneath: Under the Waverley Waves

Bondi Pavilion Gallery
14–20 May 2018
2–5pm Daily

Artists: Vanessa Torres Macho, Rick Reimer, Thierry Rakotoarivelo and Kerrie Burrow

Beneath the famous Eastern Suburbs surfing waves lies and extraordinary hidden marine ecosystem.

In this photographic exhibition, four international divers take you into a deep dive into a magical ocean world showcasing the diversity and colour of local marine life. All members of Global Underwater Explorers, their adventures to hunt for the best wrecks, reefs and marine creatures, will forever change the way you think of the waters around Waverley. "We all share a deep love of the ocean and marine conservation. Every dive is an explorative journey into an incredible world."

Coming soon


Terra Incognita

4 - 16 December. TERRA INCOGNITA. Artist: Alex Munt. Taking to his own personal photographic archive to locate moments of banality, ritual and happenstance in the everyday.


Wild light

5 - 17 June. WILD LIGHT. Artist: Henry Gold OAM. Showcasing the beauty of our natural heritage, the work of honorary photographer Henry Gold OAM aims to educate about current issues facing the Australian wilderness.

We the people that live for the beautifulvspace="5" 

We, the people who live for the beautiful

20 June - 15 July. WE, THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE FOR THE BEAUTIFUL. Waverley Council is proud to present We, the people who live for the beautiful; 40 Years Since Mardi Gras, a month long exhibition, workshops, screenings, panels and documentary that celebrate the power, beauty and diversity of the LGBTIQA+ community.


The Great North Walk

31 July - 9 August. THE GREAT NORTH WALK. The Great North Walk is a historical and geographically significant pathway which connects the cities of Sydney and Newcastle. This walk traverses a distance of 250kms encompassing National Parks, State Forests, bush and coastline, all of which reside on a bedrock of sandstone.



21 August - 2 September. BRUSHSTROKES. Artists: Frannie Deane, Diane Geffen, Yvonne Gorman and Mary Johnson. Meeting at the esteemed Julian Ashton Art School, these four local artists are all classically trained with an atelier style. As contemporary painters, working in the eastern suburbs, the natural beauty of the local areais reflected through their work.


A Golden Age

11 - 23 September. A GOLDEN AGE. Artist: John Witzig. His new exhibition, A Golden Age utilises his personal archive to reveal a significant shift in the story of Australian surf history.



25 September - 1 October. ILLUSIONS. Artist: Yelena Reevis. Working in a painting style she refers to as Surreal Symbolism, local artist Yelena Revis creates allegorical parodies which are layered with symbols and meaning.



3 - 14 October. WONDERLANDS. Artist: Catherine Steele. Wonderlands is an illustration collection inspired by two stories- the timeless classic, Alice in Wonderland and an original fairytale, The Little Red Suitcase.


Walking On Bondi Beach - The Last 10 Years

16 - 28 October. WALKING ON BONDI BEACH -THE LAST 10 YEARS. Artist: David Itzkowic. Walking the Beach – the last 10 years is a fun and fascinating archive of the unique relationship between the beach and those who occupy it. This is Bondi, captured through Bondi eyes.


World Of Interiors

20 November - 2 December. WORLD OF INTERIORS. Artists: Anna John and Koji Rui. Anna John is an artist and musician interested in the materiality of immaterial things. Koji Ryui re-configures quotidian materials into sculptural propositions with minimal gestures and a playful sensibility.

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Gallery open 10-5pm daily.

Free Admission.

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