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Jacqueline Butterworth
The Old Bear and the Sea
4-16 October

Working primarily in oils, I love to create detailed, realistic, yet often rather unexpected paintings of whatever takes my fancy,usually in the hope of making some sense of this little jaunt I’m taking through life.

Over the past few years I have been exploring themes that reflect on the transient nature of the things we love – a recurring pre-occupation that stems from both old and new losses. Though this is often what informs the direction of my art lately, it is usually tempered by a doggedly persistent hopefulness.

‘The Old Bear and the Sea’ is a painted tale of an old bear, whose young owner was lost at sea long ago, and who leaves home in a toy boat to find him.

Just to give a little context, the hero of this series is a small teddy bear, aptly named Blue Bear. Blue Bear was given to my eldest brother at birth and very quickly became his favorite, kept by him well into his teens. After my brother died, and for the next 16 years, Blue Bear lived ona rocking chair in my Mum’s room.

The inspiration for these drawings and paintings has largely come from my own experiences as a child of growing up in a home with that strange, bittersweet mixture of love and grief.

It was a time strongly characterized by an awareness of my Mum’s pain, and I suppose I just wanted to give expression to that old desireto see her smile; a desire often times greater than my own sadness.

To me, ‘The Old Bear and the Sea’ is about love, loss and the gradual realisation that life is still beautiful.

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Dominic Kirkwood- Australian Gothic

In Life’s a Beach, one of Britain’s most beloved photographers takes us on a colour-saturated journey through a place loved by all, the seaside, with its general absurdities and local quirks.

mindful practicevspace="5"


Mindful Practice presents the latest work of Sydney based fine art photographer Tobi Wilkinson. Her ongoing relationship with the Gyuto Monks in Bondi and regular visits to their monastery in Dharamsala...

Exponential growthvspace="5"

Exponential growth…how to win at capitalism – Peter Conroy

Most political cartoons are meant to divide. According to artist Peter Conroy, they are loved or loathed depending if you’re a Green or a Liberal, Republican or a Democrat...



Waverley Studio Artist Elyssa Sykes-Smith, in collaboration with Aly Firbank and Asaf Sultan presents Causation, an immersive new dance work integrating installation, film and improvisation.

Beach couturevspace="5"

Beach Couture: A Haute Mess

Reclaiming ocean pollution as Art, Marina DeBris presents a range of photos and pieces from her Beach Couture; A Haute Mess series. Half fashion, half art, the exhibition presents locally and internationally sourced trash...

Gelato in Julyvspace="5"

Gelato in July, Yulia Pustoshkina

A series of oil paintings by Russian-born, third generation artist Yulia Pustoshkina. Her new surrealist series is influenced by artists of the High Renaissance, their classical traditions and teachings.

Borrowed timevspace="5"

Borrowed Time – Tannya Harricks and Virginia Woods Jack

An exhibition of paintings and photographic images by artists Tannya Harricks and Virginia Woods-Jack in response to the ecologically fragile Fraser Island (K’Gari).

Mapping Sydneyvspace="5"

Mapping Sydney – Caroline Bouquet

Mapping Sydney" is the name of my project, my Dairy. I am constantly looking for landmarks, for anchors, Light Houses, waves and their lines. These details and elements have helped me to set roots in Australia.


Kaleidoscope - The Tutors of Waverley Woollahra Art School

The exhibition highlights the dynamism which unfolds as different artists collaborate in one Art School. The diverse practices and quality of talent of tutors currently teaching...

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