Bondi Sea Wall Application Form


What date do you intend to start your mural?

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Artist Statement; Please provide a statement about your back ground as an artist and why you wish to create a mural at Bondi (250 words max)

Mural Concept: Please provide a short summary about what you would like to paint, listing the colours to be used and where. Note, no white backgrounds will be approved. (250 words max)

Please attach a jpeg image of your concept design, or concept drawing. Note jPeg images should not exceed 5MB size

Sponsorship and Commerciality: Please list all commercial or sponsorship details you may have in relation to the mural (150 words max)

Information Request: On occasion we receive a request from a person or organisation who would like to engage the services of an artist/s on a project. Please tick one of the two boxes below to let us know if you are/are not happy for your details to be shared
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