Green Infrastructure Master Plan


What is the Green Infrastructure Master Plan?

The Green Infrastructure Master Plan is a Council-initiated project to improve the energy, water and waste efficiency of existing and new buildings in Bondi Junction.

We're working on identifying solutions to:

  • Progress towards our energy, water and waste targets.
  • Improve building efficiency and value through energy, water and waste improvements.
  • Establish Bondi Junction as an urban centre of environmental innovation.

As part of this process we are directing the development of 3 studies (energy, water and waste) which will help us to identify the best precinct scale and building improvements. We will continue to provide support to initiate and manage change to buildings, their owners, tenants and users.

Who are our Partners?

Waverley Council is working in partnership with property owners, industry groups, utilities, government and independent experts to gather data and refine solutions. We have established two primary stakeholder groups: 

  • The Building Futures Partnership - Comprising key property owners and managers in Bondi Junction, who are identifying energy, water and waste issues affecting their building users.
  • The Building Futures Technical Working Group - A group of independent, industry and government experts which is directing the research into solutions.

With the support of our partners, we are continuing to develop Green Infrastructure Master Plan for Bondi Junction.

Why are we focusing on Bondi Junction?

We are committed to reinvigorating the Bondi Junction centre into a vibrant urban showcase of efficient buildings, low carbon energy, recycled water and a high quality public domain with integrated waste and recycling systems.

Bondi Junction is:

  • The main commercial and retail hub for Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.
  • The most densely populated area in our Local Government Area (LGA).
  • The most resource intense centre with energy use in buildings accounting for 40% of our LGA’s carbon emissions (forecast to increase to 50% under business as usual by 2020).
  • The area with the greatest opportunity to deliver on our 2020 environmental targets.

We are exploring opportunities including:

  • Efficient use of energy as well as use of low carbon technologies such as tri-generation and solar power systems which has potential to cut the centre’s carbon emissions by over 50% and reduce building running costs.
  • Water use reductions in buildings and avoidance of stormwater pollutants running into Queens Park and Sydney Harbour.
  • Improved waste and recycling collection systems.

The Building Futures Partnership will deliver energy, water and waste efficiencies to building owners and tenants as well as help to shape Bondi Junction into an attractive world class sustainable centre, benefiting everyone who visits, lives and works there.

How does the Building Futures Partnership fit within Council's environmental strategy?

The Building Futures Partnership will identify and deliver the best value projects to achieve our LGA-wide 2020 environmental targets:

  • 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (70% reduction by 2050).
  • Zero increase in mains water use.
  • 75% resource recovery.
  • No net increase in waste.
  • Improve stormwater quality (minimise sediment, bacteria & nutrients).

It also forms part of a suite of Council projects in Bondi Junction to improve public and commercial spaces, safety and accessibility, economic opportunities and to integrate transport modes including cycling routes and public transport.

Like to know more?

Contact Waverley Council's Sustainable Precincts Coordinator:

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