Keeping Waverley beautiful


Council works hard to keep Waverley’s beaches and public spaces clean and clear of rubbish and litter. This is particularly important over the summer months, when up to 80,000 visitors can pass through Bondi in one day!

Council would also like to recognise and thank the committed individuals and community groups that work hard to ensure the beaches are pristine. We’re all in this together so keep up the good work!

What does Council do to keep Waverley beautiful?

Waverley Council has dedicated staff who work hard to keep our beaches and public places clean and to educate the community about litter prevention.

Council frequently updates infrastructure to keep bins and bin bays looking clean and tidy to encourage the positive disposal behaviour. Recently, Council has installed new Solar Bins to ensure that there is adequate capacity for residents and visitors to dispose of their waste and recycling.

We provide water refill stations at Bondi Beach to encourage people to reuse water bottles, which has contributed to a 27% reduction in plastic bottle litter since 2007.

We have a team of public place cleaning staff who help pick up rubbish from the sand, clean bins, remove graffiti, sweep the sand and clean public toilets at the beaches and in the surrounding streets. Council’s beach rake operates every evening over summer to help pick up rubbish from our beaches.

We help raise awareness about the smoking ban on the beach, which has been in effect since 2004, by providing Enviropoles at Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction. The cigarettes collected in these are recycled into park benches and other items.

Every year, Council runs a litter campaign over peak visitor times, which includes local advertisements as well as face-to-face education with the community through our rangers to educate people to not smoke on the beaches, to put rubbish in the bin, or take it with them. Our rangers may also fine when necessary.  Current fines for littering range from range from $250 for individuals to $500 for corporations.

A few of these campaigns over the years have shared messages of “Keep Bondi Beautiful” , “Will you pick up today?” and most recently, a community education campaign ‘Bin it so you don’t swim in it’ supported by local community groups.

*The Bondi Unwrapped – “Bin it so you don’t swim in it” education campaign was partially funded by the NSW EPA Waste Less Recycle More Levy

Since 2007, Waverley Council has audited Bondi Beach and parts of Bondi Junction. What we continue to find is that packaging and take-away items are consistently some of the main items littered.

To target this strategically, Council is working closely with local businesses to reduce packaging sold through their takeaway products and/or to look for alternative, sustainable options.

Hey Tosser - Report Littering to the EPA

Council works in collaboration with the NSW EPA by supporting and promoting the ‘Hey Tosser’ Campaign. This campaign is present at many bus stop sand train stations in Waverley throughout the year.

If you see someone littering from their vehicle, you can report a litterer directly to the EPA using the EPA’s litter reporting link

You can find out more about the state-wide litter prevention at

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