Waverley Light Rail Study

Waverley Council is committed to providing the best public transport solutions for residents, businesses and visitors to Waverley, addressing traffic congestion, and improving the use of sustainable transport options. This includes investigating the feasibility of reintroducing light rail as a long term, future mass transit solution for the Bondi  Beach to Bondi Junction corridor.

In December 2012, Council commissioned a study on the viability of reintroducing light rail. The purpose of the study was to gauge need (immediate and future), the potential impacts of introducing light rail and a preferred route if it were to be introduced.

The study was finalised in July 2013. It identified that while reintroducing light rail could be feasible to connect Bondi Junction with Bondi Beach along Bondi Road, traffic congestion at present along the corridor does not warrant an immediate solution such as light rail. The study recommended that light rail in Waverley be further considered as a medium to long term transport option (10-15 years).

This study is the first step in a long process to look at the feasibility of whether to reintroduce light rail in Waverley. While these investigations continue, Council will prepare an Interim Access Strategy by June 2014 that will identify short to medium term options to help improve public transport efficiency along the Bondi Road corridor.

Click the link below to download the consultant's report on a possible future light rail system for Waverley.

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