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transportWe aim to reduce traffic congestion in peak times and improve safety around schools by encouraging a return to walking, cycling, car pooling and catching public transport for travel to school.

Ride to School Day - Friday 13 March 2015

Ride to School Day is an annual National event that celebrates walking, scootering and cycling to school. This year it was held on Friday 13 March.

Congratulations for Waverley Public School for having the most active travellers to school. 75 per cent of the students at this school rode their bike or scooter, walked or used public transport that day.

For their efforts Waverley Public School was presented with a red Micro Sprite Scooter, helmet and knee/elbow pads which was donated by Micro Scooter Australia.

Walk Safely to School Day - Friday 22 May 2015

Walk Safely to School Day is an initiative of the Pedestrian Council of Australia. The event aims to promote safe pedestrian behaviour, the health benefits of walking and reduce car dependency.

We provide a breakfast event for schools that participate in Walk Safely to School Day each year. Schools can also arrange a visit from Buzzy Bee to promote the upcoming event or add to their celebrations on the day. Buzzy Bee does have limited availability so early bookings are advised.

To book Buzzy Bee and/or your order of fruit contact Sustainable Transport Officer on or 8306 3678.

Active Transport Strategies Project

In 2007, Waverley Council was involved in an Active Transport Strategies Project in conjunction with Southern Sydney Regional Councils Group, the Institute for Sustainable Futures, the SSWAHS and Marrickville and Sutherland Councils.

This project involved working with early education centres to promote active travel from an early age. This includes walking, cycling, pram walking and catching public transport.

You can view the Active Transport for Childcare Centres case study or download the project’s Evaluation Report for more information.

Waverley Council is continuing to implement these strategies in local child care centres.

More information

For more information, please contact our Sustainable Transport Officer:
phone: 8306 3678

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