Green Sparks


Green Sparks is a project design and leadership program and most of all, a fun competition. Students in stage two, three and four will learn new skills and build confidence in their ideas and abilities.

The program provides an opportunity for students to design a solution to an environmental concern they see at their school.Some examples include a lack of bird habitat, playground litter or reducing water or energy use.

The program is all about generating ideas. Students will need to plan a solution to an environmental problem – they don’t have to implement it unless they win.

Green Sparks is designed to do in class with the guidance from a teacher, but it can also be done with the Green Team or SRC. Our teacher’s guide provides teachers with some curriculum links they can use to address existing units of work.

We’ll pick three winning projects and contribute up to $500 to help implement them.


  • Term 1 - Sign up for Green Sparks and work through the student and teacher guides.
  • Term 2 - Teachers can work with students on their project ideas and application material. They will then submit their applications.
  • Term 3 - Projects will be judged and awards will be distributed. Winning projects will then be able to implement their solution to an environmental problem.

What teachers say about Green Sparks

"My class enjoyed every minute of the process. It was inspiring as their teacher to hear all the wonderful ideas and solutions they discussed that could solve the environmental issues that face their local surroundings." Local Stage 2 Teacher

All teachers who have participated to date said they would do the program again and would highly recommend it to other teachers.

What students say about Green Sparks

"Brilliant! Awesome!"

"I am really proud of myself"

"It was fun" 

"The best part was working together as a team" 

"I liked that we could express our feelings out the environment to the Mayor"

Benefits to students include:

  • linking local environmental issues to global ones
  • learning they can make a difference in their school and community
  • building pride and connection in their school and community
  • building team work, communication, leadership and negotiation skills
  • developing their ability to problem solve and generate creative solutions

2016 Winners

A big congratulations to Waverley Public School who are our Green Sparks Champions this year. They won both the junior and senior prizes with their project ideas to adopt Victoria Park and to cut water wastage at school.

The Victoria park group inspected the park and concluded that as well as a good spruce up, Victoria Park needed more habitat for native animals. The school held a fun working bee to create a new native garden, wash fences and pick up littler at Victoria Park. They will continue to help look after the park.

The Waster Wastage group audited their toilet block and water bubblers and decided that water savings could be made by replacing faulty bubblers and taps.

Well done to all students involved!

Waverley Green Sparks 2016 winner

2015 Winners 

Birdlife from Montessori East Birdlife project aimed to bring more native birds into their school grounds. Students did a lot of research on local birds and what food and shelter the native birds need. They put their research to good use and added more native plants and a bird bath to encourage birds to visit their playground.

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Need more information?

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