Environmental Grants

Got a great idea for an environmental project but you don’t have the funds to pay for it? You might be eligible for grant funding with a Waverley Council Environmental Grant.

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Who’s eligible?

The Environmental Grants are part of Council's Small Grants program. The grants are available to local schools, childcare centres and local micro-businesses for environmental improvement projects and initiatives.

Application Closing Dates

You may submit an application at any time, but applications are assessed in two rounds each year.

Round 2 - 2017-2018 closes 5pm, Tuesday 3 April 2018.

How much money is available?

You can apply for up to $3000 in each round.

What types of projects do we fund?

Environmental Grants are only available to fund ‘on the ground’ projects, with real measurable outcomes. Projects must have a positive and desirable effect on the environment and meet one or more of the following priorities in the areas below*:


  • reduce waste generation
  • encourage waste diversion through recycling, composting, worm farming, reusing etc
  • reduce illegal dumping
  • reduce littering


  • reduce mains water consumption (eg. water tanks, dual flush toilets etc)
  • reduce water pollution in Waverley’s waterways (eg. clean waterways projects)

Greenhouse gas emissions

  • reduce car use and/or increase travel by the public transport, walking, cycling or the use of non-motorised vehicles
  • reduce electricity use (eg. retrofitting of buildings, solar panels, education programs etc)
  • reduce gas use


  • contribute to the protection of native species and ecological communities (eg. bush regeneration)
  • enhance habitat connectivity and improve weed management (eg. native gardens)
  • increase awareness of Intertidal Protected Areas and Bronte to Coogee Aquatic Reserve.

* Please note that businesses are only eligible for funding for projects that help to meet targets in waste, water and energy.

Check out the guidelines for more details about funding, evaluation criteria and the process. You can also download our sample application which might assist you when preparing your application.

Previous grant projects

Here are some great projects that have been funded by the Environmental Grants program:

Bronte Road Bistro Gets Switched On

French restaurant Bronte Road Bistro applied for a $2500 Small Environment Grant from Council to switch to energy saving lighting. Now the small business is saving $300 each month on it power bills.

"When we saw the environmental small grants, we decided to apply because half of our power bill is for lighting," explains Stewart Parsons, owner and manager of Bronte Road Bistro.

"The Council gave us a grant of $2500 and once we put the new lights in, we started saving straight away," he said.

Waverley Council offers up to $3000 to micro businesses for all kinds of environmental projects.

"Get an electrician in and ask them the best possible way to make savings," advises Stewart. "We had an electrician say lighting is the best way for us, but it depends on your business."

Bronte Public School's 'Ramp Up Recycling' Project

Bronte Public School students with the new Cabri Topp bins

Bronte Public School was awarded a $1,000 Environmental Grant in March 2014 to support their successful 'Ramp Up Recycling' project. The funds were used to purchase Cabri Topp bins for garbage and recycling, which have enclosed covers with flaps and bottle chutes to help encourage recycling and litter separation, as well as soil, seedlings and a corrugated raised garden kit for the school's vegetable garden.

The 'Ramp Up Recycling' project aims to significantly reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

The project saw the school take the waste category in the 2014 Eastern Suburbs Sustainable Schools Network Sustainability awards - congratulations, Bronte Public School

Bondi Beach Children’s Garden and Environmental Learning Program

Students, teaches and parents all contribute to looking after the school's vegetable garden.

Bondi Beach Public School was awarded a $3,000 grant through the Small Grants program - Environmental Grants to create a vegetable garden for students to grow their own produce and learn about gardening, sustainability and the environment.

The garden is used as an outdoor learning classroom where sustainable living and behaviour change is encouraged. The garden has made a real difference to the children and the school community, with parents also contributing to and enjoying the garden.

“Children have been learning how things grow, where they come from and how to take care of the environment by interacting with the garden. The project has been so successful that our canteen has been using the produce in lunches and snacks and the overflow produce is offered to parents, carers and school care,” teacher Sarah Shannon explains.

Nothing goes to waste in this garden; the school is currently working with the Shark Bite Cafe to ensure all compostable lunch scraps are recycled! The initiative has created a lot of environmental awareness with composting, recycling and anti-littering programs now run regularly in the school.

More information

To find out more about our Environmental Grants, 
Email: smallgrants@waverley.nsw.gov.au
Phone: 9083 8045.

Need more information?

Email: smallgrants@waverley.nsw.gov.au
Phone: 9083 8045.

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