Renewable Energy Projects

Solar power and school kids

We're committed to take care of this unique and beautiful corner of the world by making sustainability Second Nature. We want to lead by example and reduce Council's own carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. That's why we're turning the sun's power into energy! 

Turning the sun's power into energy

Solar panels are currently being installed on five of Council's buildings with expanding systems on Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre, Tamarama Kiosk and Mill Hill Early Education Centre and two new installations on Waverley Library and the new Mark's Park amenities building. These systems will add 446 new solar panels with a total system capacity of 116kw/h. The sun's power will be used to run all kinds of equipment, from our lighting to our laptops. It will put our buildings at the forefront of sustainability!

The new systems will:

  • produce 164,000kw of electricity each year
  • help reduce our carbon footprint by 160 tonnes of CO2 
  • bring Council's total solar portfolio to an amazing 353,000kw/h per year
We have installed rooftop solar power systems on twelve Council buildings, including:
  1. Bondi Pavilion
  2. Bondi Beach Early Childhood Health Centre
  3. Bronte Early Education Centre
  4. Bondi Junction Early Learning and Care Centre
  5. Gardiner Early Education Centre
  6. Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre
  7. Mill Hill Early Education Centre
  8. Alexandria Integrated Facility
  9. Tamarama Kiosk
  10. Waverley Early Education Centre
  11. Waverley Library
  12. Waverley Park amenities block

Community solar projects

Since we installed three new solar hot water systems at Bondi Pavilion, the Bondi Lifeguards now shower with solar heated water. Council also helped introduce solar power systems at Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club and Tamarama Surf Lifesaving Club. Waverley Library also has a solar powered hot water system. 

In partnership with Woollahra and Randwick Councils, we ran the Go Solar community program in 2010 that provided advice and discounts on solar power and solar hot water systems for homes and businesses. Over a short time, approximately 90 systems were installed, resulting in 300 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission reductions per year, for the next 25 years.

Green Power

Waverley Council buys 100% Green Power for a quarter of the electricity used at our largest energy-consuming buildings: Waverley Library, Eastgate Carpark, Council Chambers, Depot and Bondi Pavilion. This amounts to 722 tonnes of avoided greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Future Projects

By using cleaner green electricity from the sun and other sources in the future, Council will not only help reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with coal-fired electricity, but will also increase energy supply security and protect us from rising electricity prices. 

We continue to look at opportunities to expand our renewable energy portfolio at other Council facilities whilst finding ways to reduce our energy use with energy efficient technologies and operations. 

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For more information on energy projects, please contact our Sustainable Energy Coordinator Nikolaos Zervos by email or phone on 9083 8206.