Public Art Committee

Call out for new Committee Members 2018-2019

Waverley Council is currently inviting applications for membership of the Waverley Public Art Advisory Committee, which aims to foster the ongoing development of quality, diverse and creative public art and visual art within Waverley. Membership will be for a term of two years.

Applicants are invited to fill out an expression of interest form and may be asked to attend an interview.

For more information and to apply, fill in the online application form at before 5pm on Friday 16 February 2018.


  • To encourage community participation and consultation in the development of public art and visual art processes and works.
  • To develop public art and visual art that will reflect the local identity, diversity, values of Waverley and that will promote and preserve sites of significant cultural and natural heritage.
  • To support public art and visual art in Waverley and encourage creative and innovative design in the built environment that enhances and contributes to the provision of quality facilities and amenities.
  • To strengthen and enhance the environment for arts and creative enterprises in Waverley.
  • To develop and review relevant policies and strategies, and integrate art policy content into relevant Council processes, policies and documents
  • To ensure that public art and visual art processes and works are managed and maintained in a planned and professional manner
  • To assess applications or proposals related to public art and visual art or the Artists In Residence program
  • To source funding for public art works including sponsorships and philanthropic opportunities.
  • To develop a framework that enables and encourages the private and commercial sector to contribute to development and investment in public art and visual art in Waverley.
  • To provide assessment and advice for possible inclusions of public art to the Public Works program
  • Explore possibilities and advocate for the inclusion of public art and visual art and interpretation information in public projects and in future Council budgets
  • To provide advice for public art or visual art elements to be incorporated into private sector development projects.


Council will appoint community and expert members to the Waverley Public Art Committee so that the Committee includes a range of people with a mix of age groups, ethnicities, expertise and skills:

  • Background, experience or expertise in the visual arts, public art and/or curatorial, architecture, design, landscaping or other arts related discipline.
  • Interest in and passion for the arts, public art and visual art in Waverley
  • Being a local resident of Waverley Council or with close connections to the Waverley area
  • Experience in sourcing sponsorship, philanthropy, or other partnership opportunities
  • Experience in working with community groups
  • Commitment to EEO, OH&S, risk management, environmental protection and ethical principles.

The term for community and expert members will be a two year, non-renewable term.