Promotions and sampling

The purpose of promotions and product sampling is to establish a commercial market for goods and services. As such it is classified as a commercial activity and is permitted in specified locations at Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction (View sites available in Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction)

Please be advised that unless confirmation email has been received or a permit issued the activity has not been approved and cannot proceed. 

Things to know before applying:

  • Council has an Events Policy 
  • Once Council has assessed your application and confirmed the date/s is available, you may be required to submit further information. The plans requested are typically: waste/cleaning, traffic or pedestrian management, security and crowd management and sound management. See Council’s event management and delivery guidelines for more details on the information typically requested.
  • Flyering is permitted in Bondi Junction only
  • Bronte and Tamarama beach and park are available for private hire only, only the sites shown via the links above are available to hire for low impact public use
  • Our coastal walks are so popular with visitors and residents we can only permit low impact filming between Bondi and Bronte to ensure other users are not affected.
  • Under the Local Government Act we are not able to permit exchange of cash in a public space
  • To ensure our environment is kept beautiful we adopt the following strategies: waste minimisation and environmentally friendly packaging: recyclable or compostable. So please don’t ask us for permission to:
  • Give away bottles of water or other drink containers, plastic inflatables of any kind, flyers, balloons, plastic or other throw away sample packaging such as sunscreen sachets
  • No Umbrella give a ways
  • We suggest giveaways such as reuse bottles or pump pack sunscreen so people can help themselves to it. NB if permission is granted for a give a way then you will need to remove it from any packaging before bringing it to the venue.
  • We do permit up to 60ml or 100g sample size consumable product give a ways in environmentally friendly packaging NB. So we can ensure the packaging is appropriate, we require a sample of the packaging 2 weeks out from event day to be sent to: Bondi Pavilion – Waverley Council Outdoor Events Queen Elizabeth Drive Bondi Beach 2026
  • Cancellations received with less than 4 weeks notice will incur a fee of 25% of hire

Application process:

  • Choose the best suited location for your activity or contact us for our advice (Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction)
  • Complete the application form. NB. If you would like to check the date/s is available before submitting your application please call Tracey Jurcevic on 9083 8413
  • Provide your current Australian public liability insurance certificate for $10 million or more at the time of submitting the application form.

For more information contact Tracey Jurcevic on 9083 8413 or email

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