Meals and Shopping Services

Meal and Shopping Services

A number of low cost meal and shopping services operate in Waverley. These services help support older people, people with disabilities, and their carers to continue living independently in their own home and community.

Home delivered meals

The following services deliver meals to people's homes:

  • Holdsworth Community Home Cuisine: 9327 2361
  • Randwick Meals on Wheels: 9661 3781
  • COA Sydney (kosher meals)

Meals in the community

Located close to Bondi Junction, the community centres listed below provide low cost meals, activities and entertainment:

  • The Gaden Cafe: 334 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra. Ph: 9302 3688
  • COA Sydney: 25 Rowe Street, Woollahra. Ph: 9389 0035

Shopping services

There are a number of options that assist people with shopping.

  • Assisted shopping services provide door to door car transport and personal assistance with shopping
  • Social group shopping services take people to the shops by bus and may include a social activity afterwards
  • List shopping services help people by taking their grocery shopping order by telephone and arranging delivery.

To find out more about meal and shopping services, you can directly contact the services listed below, or head to My Aged Care (ph: 1800 200 422):

  • COA Sydney: 9389 0035
  • Holdsworth Community Centre and Services: 9302 3600
  • Junction Neighbourhood Centre ECHO: 9387 2885
  • Randwick Waverley Transport (social transport only): 9369 5366
  • Randwick Meals on Wheels: 9661 3781

To speak to Council about services for older people, young people with disability and their carers, please phone 9083 8999.


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