Multicultural advisory committee

What is the Multicultural Advisory Committee?

Aims and objectives

Council adopted a Local Ethnic Affairs Policy Statement (LEAPS) in 1991 and a LEAPS Community Advisory Committee to review the issues in relation to this policy. The LEAPS Policy was replaced by the Waverley Multicultural Policy, adopted by Council in May 1998 which developed into the current Cultural Diversity Policy 2010-2014. The Policy aims to ensure access and participation to all its residents to the services and structures of Council.

Council at its meeting of 23 November 1999 resolved to establish a Multicultural Advisory Committee. Councillor Leon Goltsman chairs this committee with Councillor Miriam Guttman-Jones as the alternate chair person.
The aim of the Committee is to inform implementation of Council’s Multicultural Policy, provide relevant advice on current issues confronting the multicultural community of Waverley and promote an open communication with these diverse groups and Council.

Functions of the Committee

  • Consult with the local culturally & Linguistically diverse communities and to advise council on issues relevant to the needs of these target groups.
  • To review the effectiveness of measures aimed at better servicing our culturally & linguistically diverse residents, consistent with Council’s Multicultural Policy.
  • To make suggestions for strategies to be incorporated into Council’s Management Plan.
  • To inform the CALD communities of the role, the structure and the services of Council.
  • To maintain the lines of communication between Council and the culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Waverley area.
  • To promote, where possible, partnerships between Council and the culturally and linguistically diverse communities.
  • To provide advice and support to projects and cultural events that enhance the harmonious relations among all residents in Waverley.

Who can be a member of the Multicultural Advisory Committee


Membership of the Committee is made up of:

  • Councillors.
  • Up to 10 community representatives, who must be Waverley area residents.
  • Up to 5 representatives of local, culture-specific services where possible, or regional agencies, if local ones do not exist.

The membership must reflect the largest cultural/ethnic groups in the area. However, there should be a balance between established and newly arrived groups and smaller groups. Youth should also be included in this representation. Individuals can nominate themselves and forms will be available from the Department of Recreation Customer & Community Services. Membership will be reviewed bi-annually.  
If you are interested in applying to become a member please fill out this membership application form.


          17 August 2017
          29 June 2017
          22 February 2017

Read about Council's Cultural Diversity Policy.

Please direct enquiries to:
Multicultural Worker
Phone: 9083 8919
Fax: 9386 2612

Need more information?

Community Development Officer Diversity
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