Ways to get your neighbourhood looking good

Explore launching your own Neighbourhood Improvement Project



Litter is not only ugly but harms the environment by increasing pollutants in the storm water system and the ocean. If you would like to get involved in reducing litter from our streets take part in Clean Up Australia Day. Visit www.cleanup.com.au for details.

Thank-you for disposing of your litter properly, and don’t forget how big a difference your contribution can make!


Frustrated at seeing dumped furniture and rubbish in our streets?

Many people don’t realise that it is illegal to dump rubbish, or that they can ease the problem by arranging two free ‘your call’ clean-up collections a year with us.If you have any unwanted items, call 9083 8000 to organise one of your free pick ups. 

To report dumped rubbish, contact Council on 9083 8000 and we will endeavour to pick it up as soon as possible.

The amount of dumped rubbish in our streets has declined over the past few years, however it is still a problem and we need your help to stop it. If you see anyone dumping rubbish locally, call us on the above number and tell us as many details about the person dumping as possible. If the dumper is using a vehicle, take down their license plate number and don't forget to quote it when you report the incident.

Much of the time, dumped items are electrical goods such as televisions and fans. You can recycle these items easily and for free at Council’s e-waste clean ups twice per year. 

Waste and Recycling


From your regular rubbish pick ups to recycling special items such as paints and televisions, Council has lots of information on keeping you and your area clean, green and sustainable. Learn more to learn more about managing waste and recycling in our community, to keep Waverley looking good and helping the environment.


Are you sick of seeing graffiti in our streets and parks and wonder why it keeps on happening? Graffiti can make us feel less safe and make it look like no-one cares.

But we do care, and the best way to reduce graffiti is for Council, the community and Police to work together. More on graffiti prevention.