Neighbour day

The Community you want starts at your front door.

In 2003, following the lonely death of an elderly woman and a growing awareness of the isolation of the growing number of people living alone, Andrew Heslop wrote to the editor of a Melbourne newspaper to express his concern. From this small act of compassion the idea of an annual celebration grew, which has now run for 10 years and is endorsed at a global level. Held on the last Sunday in March every year, it's the perfect day to say thanks for being a great neighbour.

Get to know your neighbours by hosting a Neighbour Day morning tea or picnic on Sunday, 26th March. Waverley Council supports residents who wish to celebrate Neighbour Day in their neighbourhood. 

Taking part in Neighbour Day is as simple as saying ‘hello’ to a neighbour in the street, inviting them over for a cuppa, taking the bin out for your elderly neighbour or even putting on a neighbourhood BBQ. How you celebrate the day is up to you!

To register an event or find out what’s going on in your neighbourhood visit Neighbour Day or Facebook

The aims of Neighbour Day are to:

  • Strengthen communities and build better relationships with the people who live around us.
  • Create safer, healthier and more vibrant suburbs and towns.
  • Promote tolerance, respect and understanding.
  • Break down community barriers.
  • Protect the elderly, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged.

 Getting started

  • Go out to say hello to your neighbours
  • Invite a neighbour to your home for a 'cuppa'
  • Plan a BBQ, picnic, or afternoon tea and invite your neighbours
  • Print invitations or knock on doors to explain your ideas
  • Keep in touch - consider a street Facebook group to share news and needs
  • Compile a list of benefits to gain from a neighbourhood network, such as shared childcare, carpooling, dog-walking, bulk shopping, house-sitting, a shared library of garden or DIY tools, camping or sports equipment and shared storage space


Waverley Council's Civic Pride program can help you to organise a Neighbour Day gathering by providing information on how to book public spaces and help you to promote your particular gathering. For more ideas and resources visit Neighbour Day

Need more information?

Civic Pride Coordinator
Phone: 9083 8925