Memorials in Waverley

We all love our beaches cliffs and coastal lands, and the community’s vision is to protect and preserve the beauty and environmental quality of our landscape.

Council values the contribution of local residents and appreciates the difference they make to the community

Council receives many requests for memorial plaques in our open space, and community members make generous offers to donate seats or trees for the plaque settings. Council could not accommodate the number of requests that are regularly received.

As a result our beach parks Plans of Management do not allow memorial plaques.

Waverley Cemetery

There are opportunities to honour loved ones through services and programs at the Waverley Cemetery including memorial plaques or the ‘Ivy Vine'.

For more information about these programs visit the Centennial Parklands website.

Tree Donations

Council appreciates the generosity of residents who offer plants for greening the local area, however we do not accept tree donations for parks and reserves.

Waverley Cemetery

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