Neighbourhood Improvement Projects

Got an idea on how your neighbourhood or local village could be improved? Here's your opportunity to get your neighbours together and make a difference.

Community-led Neighbourhood Improvement Projects allows groups of residents and businesses to be actively involved in shaping what your area looks and feels like.  Using an approach known as the Lighter, Quicker + Cheaper Method of Placemaking or Tactical Urbanism you can help Council respond in a more dynamic and holistic way, effectively and efficiently addressing recurrent neighbourhood problems (graffiti tagging, illegal dumping) or simply beautify an unused space into a treasured community asset.

Our aim is to:

  • activate spaces, places and people by shining a light on a neighbourhood, and by partnering with residents, turn unloved, neglected public spaces into treasured community places.
  • help residents help themselves by facilitating, encouraging and linking locals and businesses with community experts
  • help co-design and co-create innovative solutions for your neighbourhoods specific needs
  • enable, empower and support community groups with the right tools, at the right time - giving permission to enact change sooner rather than later

What can be achieved?

This initiative has already shown great success, improving spaces and building long lasting social networks. Examples include: case studies (Palmerston Ave, Cox Ave, Angelasea St, WWAS) and  Complete Streets

Looking for inspiration? Then have a look at what's been achieved here and overseas.

To apply for a Neighbourhood Improvement Project please ontact the Coordinator, Local Connections on 02 9083 8925 or email

Need more information?
Local Connections Coordinator
Phone: 9083 8925