Children, youth & family support

Upcoming seminars for parents/ carers:

Waverley Council wants all children to feel safe, happy and valued and believe that our services reflect this commitment. Looking at our diverse programs, we think we really do stand out in the region and support services with such passion. The profile of families in Waverley has changed dramatically.

The 2011 ABS census clearly shows us that Waverley has now become home to many more families with children compared to a decade ago. Our families come from all corners of the globe and walks of life, some very recently arrived, others part of an established community. We have tried to capture this diversity in a brief profile with links to more detailed information. This data is important for us so we can provide the kind of services and facilities needed by our local families, now and into the future.

Waverley Council values and supports families by:

  • Making playgrounds and parks safe, more interesting and family-friendly
  • Increasing the variety of social, cultural and recreational programs
  • Keeping holiday programs affordable for families
  • Building and managing high quality child care (4th Early Education Centre built in 2012, a huge achievement for a small council and unusual in the region)
  • Expanding Family Day Care
  • Working with, subsidising and funding community based child care services
  • Anticipating and planning for future needs of children and families
  • Encourage partnerships and seeking funding
  • Supporting families in times of need – casework, counseling and referral services
  • Create and publish service directories e.g. Kids Book Directory