Venue Hire Grants

Council is now accepting submissions for Venue Hire Grants for subsidised use of Council's indoor and outdoor facilities for the 2018-19 financial year. The Venue Hire Grant Program aims to support groups that provide identifiable social, recreational and cultural benefits to Waverley’s community.

Waverley Council supports not for profit organisations whose work in the community fosters positive relationships within the municipality by providing activates and programs that improve people’s quality of life.

The grant covers venue hire fees only. Applicants must meet all standard conditions of hire and pay all additional charges such as security bonds, key deposit and public liability insurance etc.

N.B - Please note that Council cannot accept any Venue Hire Grants for 2018-19, past the 31st March 2019. Applications for 2019-20 will open on the 1st April 2019.


Groups and organisations that can demonstrate compliance with the ATO’s definition of Not for Profit or Non‐Profit are eligible.

Assessment Criteria

Each application will be assessed using the information it provides against the following criteria:

  • Evidence of financial hardship provided.
  • Provide critical support services, such as services for frail aged residents.
  • Evidence that the activity will benefit Waverley residents.
  • Evidence that the group is capable of carrying out the planned activity e.g. relevant experience.
  • Suitability of the proposed activity for, and in keeping with, the primary purpose of the venue requested.
  • Description of the community benefit the applicant expects the activity will provide and its alignment with Waverley Council’s Community Strategic Plan 2018-29 and Waverley Together 3 2013- 2025 .

What groups won’t be supported?

Council will not consider applications for a reduced rate for:

  • Activities with an exclusive religious or political purpose.
  • Activities that are part of the core responsibilities of schools or tertiary education institutions.
  • Activities that duplicate existing programs.
  • Activities that directly contravene Council policy.
  • Activities proposed by applicants who have outstanding debts or have overdue grant acquittal requirements to Waverley Council. Other grants and support being received by applicants will be considered in assessments.
  • Activities proposed by For-Profit organisations.

How to apply

Not for Profit organisations wishing to apply for a Venue Hire Grant may do so  by downloading the application form and associated guidelines.

Need more information?

For information and advice please contact Chris Giles, Coordinator Community Venues on 9083 8300 or email