Creative Streets Grants

Do you have a creative idea that would improve the look and feel of your street or community? Council is providing small grants for creative locals to improve the streets of Waverley.

Placemaking Ideas

The Small Grants – Creative Streets program is based on the Tactical Urbanism approach to place-making. This approach encourages ‘short term action for long term change’. Small changes can have a big impact on our streets and communities. Installations should be fast, easy and considered temporary. From putting up fairy lights in a dark area to engaging a local artist to paint a vibrant artwork on a wall that is often tagged, communities can vastly improve the look and feel of their streets.

Who’s eligible?

These grants are a part of Council’s Small Grants program. Grants are available to community groups, local businesses, local individuals, precinct groups and schools.

When are the funding rounds?

This is the first year for the Creative Streets Grants. Applications must be submitted by 5pm on Friday 2 September 2016.

How much money is available?

You can apply for up to a $3,000 grant. There is $6,000 of funding available for the 2015/16 financial year.

What types of projects do we fund?

Creative Streets Grants are available for small street improvement projects. Projects must positively contribute to a public space. Projects should identify a need in a local area and present a creative idea to improve the space.

These could include:

  • Colourful planter boxes to green a bare street
  • Anti-graffiti mural on a wall that is often tagged
  • Temporary Public artworks for streets that need colour and life
  • Park(ing) Days to rethink how communities use their streets
  • Building a ‘Better Block’ for streets needing strong community connections
  • Pop-up Play spaces for areas with inactive youth
  • Street library boxes for areas with children improving education and community interaction
  • Fairy Lights for areas that need activity, fun and public safety
  • Temporary public seating installations for an area with no seats but a great view

Please click on the link for other ideas to create great streets in Waverley. See examples of Council-led street projects.

Check out the guidelines for more information on funding, evaluation criteria and process. You can also download our sample application form which might assist you when preparing your application.

A group or individual must have the written consent of the site or property owner prior to applying for the grant. Any proposals on Council land must have written support from Waverley Council submitted with the application form.

For more information, Council site approvals and to discuss your application please contact Julia Hardiman, Digital Urban Designer, Waverley Council on 9083 8102.

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