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Waverley Council supports community services in a number of ways, one of which is described as capacity building. This involves bringing members of the community, volunteers and community services together and providing opportunities for people to be inspired, network and to receive and share ideas and information. Our network forums are on a wide range of topics. They aim to encourage a strategic approach to staying relevant and attractive to local service needs, funding bodies and volunteers.


  • Providing information and resources to weather future sector changes
  • Strengthening the relationship between services and Local Government
  • Encouraging & inspiring organisations to consider new ways of thinking and working
  • Strengthening networks and develop new partnerships
  • Identifying social issues needs and gaps and developing community planning & strategic service mapping
  • Organising targeted skills development training according to service needs

Waverley Council considers this a way of building on the common ground we share through our concern for a resilient community and the determination to work towards a shared purpose.

Forums: Common Ground Common Purpose

Past Forums

December 2013 'Get that Grant'
In partnership with the Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development, 22 service representatives learnt some key grant writing skills to assist in securing those much needed funds. Peter Swan from Clovelly Community Bank talked of the ways in which his bank supports community organisations and Loretta Passerini, Fundraising Manager from Kookaburra Kids, told us how to get corporate donors behind your service and build relationships with the business community.

July 2013 Online essentials for the community sector
A half-day training event with Todd Wright from 'threesides' focusing on the essential elements of communicating and promoting your service through the internet and social media.

December 2012 Demographic training for more targeted organisational planning
Glen Capuano from 'id' demonstrated how to use statistical analysis to refocus service planning in line with current demographics

June 2012 Engaging with the community to enhance organisational effectiveness
Jon Dee, the well known social entrepreneur and founder of Planet Ark and 'Do Something' inspired and encouraged a cross fertilisation of ideas and networks for improved organisational outcomes. Report CGCP Forum June 12


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