Regulations & permits

  • Mobile vending
    Council does not allow mobile vendors anywhere other than the Bondi beach area and for events and festivals.

  • Commercial fitness training
    Any health & fitness activities that are for commercial* gain are governed by Council’s Commercial Fitness Policy which covers all open space areas in Waverley’s Local Government area.

  • Busking

  • Regulations and controls
    As a business in Waverley, you will need to be aware of the regulations and controls that affect you.

  • Promotions and sampling
    The purpose of promotions and product sampling is to establish a commercial market for goods and services.
  • Filming and photography
    Waverley Council has a permit system to help manage the high demand of filming and photography requests, making it equitable and to help minimise the impact on residents, visitors and the local environment.

  • Venue hire
    Visit our venue hire page for all outdoor and indoor facilities

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