Building file searches

You may request a building file search for a property, which means Council will search its files for any record of development or building approvals and make it available for you to view.

Council will complete the search within 10-15 working days (subject to demand) and will inform you when the information is ready to be inspected. Once notified, you will have two (2) weeks to view the information before it is returned to Archives.

Please complete the Application for Search & Viewing of Files, take the application to our Customer Service Centre at 55 Spring Street, Bondi Junction and pay the required fee.

Council will then conduct the search, but cannot guarantee that the search will provide all of the information you require.

More information

Please contact our Customer Service Centre on 9369 8000 or our Duty Planner on 8305 8484 for more information about file searches.

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Contact Council's Duty Planner

  • Phone 9083 8484
  • Visit in person at our Customer Service Centre, 55 Spring Street, Bondi Junction