Stephen Street Reserve

The upgrade of Stephen Street Reserve Playground was identified as a priority in Council's Play Space Strategy 2014.

To ensure this upgrade meets community needs and wants, consultation was undertaken in October - November 2016. The consultation and survey was advertised on the Have Your Say Waverley website, a survey flyer was distributed to letter boxes within a 200 meter radius of the park and a Have Your Say Day was held in Stephen Street Reserve Playground where we collated feedback from residents and visitors face to face.

The feedback from this consultation has allowed Council to attain a better understanding of how people use the park, what they like about the park, what they would like to see in the future and more.

What were the key findings from the community consultation?

  • The community support a proposed playground upgrade, particularly an equipment upgrade and to increase the open grass kick around area.
  • Some responses suggested including a fence/buffer to enhance safety and help prevent balls running down the hill/ children running onto Bennett Street and Stephen Street.
  • People felt the upgrade could accommodate a broader range of ages (as it currently caters only to younger children) by including more multi-purpose pieces and having a separate quieter area for toddlers.
  • The existing trees were widely recognised as a valuable part of the park - as a source of shade and a suitable place to play.
  • Many supported the proposed tree planting as a source of additional shade in the play area.
  • Some responses suggested increasing the cover/ shade over the play equipment or moving the new play equipment further under the existing tree canopy to shade children.
  • Many supported the planting and mulch areas under existing trees to manage trip hazards if existing roots.

What happens next?

In light of the valuable feedback received, the upgrade design has been modified. Please click here to view the revised concept plan.

Works are currently in progress and are expected to conclude in December 2017.

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