Rodney Reserve

Sports Improvement Project

Rodney Reserve is one of two parks in the Local Government Area (LGA) with a full size football/ rugby field however this field is not fit for purpose. It needs adequate amenities such as toilet facilities, change rooms, clean water and storage provision to be a fully functional sports facility.

There is a strong demand for an additional facility from our highly active community. With an approximate population of 71 000, the two fit for purpose fields (Waverley Park's Oval and Synthetic Field) in Waverley's LGA is not meeting the demand from our sports clubs, residents and visitors.

It is Council's aim to improve Rodney Reserve to create a community space that will increase sporting, leisure and social opportunities; while simultaneously preserving and celebrating the reserve's natural assets.

We plan to do this by:

  • Upgrading the playing/ sports field (the field is unever and requires an irrigation system)
  • Building an amenities building (currently there are no toilet facilities, no privacy to get chanced, clean running water or storage)
  • Providing additional parking and/ or address traffic management for the reserve
  • Implementing landscape improvements (address the steep embankment access point and potential enhancement of the area area the historic items at the reserve).

Next steps

  • Our first priority is to proceed with upgrades to the sports field. These upgrades include leveling the field and installing an irrigation system. This work commenced in January, due for completion in May 2018.
  • Council has requested that further investigations on the sports improvements are required before commencing the community consultation on any amenity building or parking provision. These investigations are being conducted by independent consultants and will be delivered in early 2018. The details of these investigations are listed below.
  • A Master Plan for the reserve will be reconsidered within the upcoming Open Space Strategy for Waverley. This approach will review all open space in the LGA and ensure a coordinated approach to the development Master Plans within the LGA. The Open Space Strategy is expected to be completed by late 2018 - early 2019.


June 2015

In June 2015, The Operations Committee (made up of Councillors) considered proceeding with a Draft Master Plan for Rodney Reserve. A draft concept plan was put together for discussion as part of the report, with a view of working with key stakeholders, including residents and sporting groups, on developing a Draft Master Plan for exhibition.

During this time, a number of concerns were raised by local residents. Council liaised with a sub-committee of the Dover Heights Precinct with the aim of working together to come up with solutions to address concerns raised by the group.

In addition, comprehensive information including sports participation data had been collected to substantiate the urgent need for an amenities building, additional parking, playing field upgrades and landscape improvements at Rodney Reserve to make it a fully functional sports field.

December 2016

A report went to Council in early December 2016, recommending to defer the development of a Draft Master Plan for Rodney Reserve, but proceed with investigations for improvements to sport upgrades for the reserve.

At this time, three design options were put to Council to take to the community for consideration of sport improvements to Rodney Reserve. These designs included an amenity building, field improvements and additional parking for the reserve. The decision was made by Council that, before moving forward with the community consultation on the Sport Improvement Project and design, further investigations were required.

These investigations include:

  • An additional concept design setting the amenities building into the western slope with a green roof
  • Investigate reducing the size of the amenities building
  • A comprehensive traffic and impact study to determine the impact of the improved sporting facilities on local roads and amenity
  • Investigation into military history and appropriate discussions held or input received from local RSLs
  • A feasibility study relating to having a full size football ground at Hugh Bamford Reserve
  • Investigation into any Aboriginal sites that might exist on the reserve and undertake further investigation into the radio astronomy site.

Council has engaged independent consultants to investigate these queries. We expect the findings of these investigations to be delivered in early 2018.

June 2017

In June 2017, a motion was passed from Council to proceed with upgrades to the sports field. These upgrades include leveling the field and installing an irrigation system. This work is expected to commence in late 2017.

Please note, a playground, fitness station and hard court are not included in this project.

January 2018

Upgrade works on the sports field commenced in mid January, with works expected to be completed by May 2018. The works will include:

  • Herbicide spraying to minimise the growth of weeds
  • Laser grade levelling of the sports field
  • Installation of new turf across the sports field
  • Installation of a new irrigation system throughout the sports field
  • Construction of a water tank and pump shed to provide water for turf irrigation
  • Installation of new goal posts and sleeves
  • Reinstatement of the landscape, including new plantings along the embankment

During this time, the footprint of the works will be fenced off and a construction zone will be in place around Rodney Reserve.

More information

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