Niblick Street Reserve Works

Necessary remediation and upgrade works will be undertaken at Niblick Street Reserve from Monday 23 October and last until early December 2017 (weather permitting).

Why is this work occurring?

Following the purchase of Niblick Street Reserve in August 2016, Waverley Council engaged Coffey (Geotechnical and Environmental Specialists) to undertake a study of the soil quality. Coffey found that the top layer of the site was contaminated with asbestos. Following this discovery, Council engaged JBS&G, an industry leader in dealing with all facets of contaminated land to conduct a Remediation Action Plan. Council also engaged Sydney Tree Solutions to review the trees on the land and found that two trees were in poor health. Based on the information gathered, Council must remove this contaminant and the trees with poor health. While this work occurs, Council will also upgrade the reserve.

What will the works include?

  • Removal of 2 trees (due to poor health)
  • Removal of 1 tree due to locations implications (will be offset by new tree plantings)
  • Removal of all furniture and fixtures
  • Removal of up to 500mm of soil across the site
  • Removal of 100mm of soil within the tree protection zone
  • Installation of geofabric demarcation layer and certified soil
  • Installation of new furniture including seats, bins, a bubbler and a new swing set
  • Installation of softfall, new turf and new plantings including advanced trees
  • Installation of a new accessible path

What are the impacts?

While this work occurs, the footprint of the site will be fenced off and a construction zone will be placed along Niblick Street. We expect there will be construction noise however we will make every effort to minimise the inconvenience to residents by ensuring that no machines or loud work occur prior to 7.30 am.

What safety measures are in place?

Our key priority is to protect human health and the surrounding environment. A remediation contractor, licenced Asbestos Assessor and an environmental hygenist will be onsite for the duration of the works to ensure that the works are undertaken in accordance with statutory requirements while also mitigating any risks to the public. The area will also have secure fencing to ensure safety.

More information

Contact Project Manager Matthew Henderson on 9083 9698 or email