Improvements to Waverley Park

Since the adoption of the Waverley Park Master Plan and Plan of Management in 2012, Council has been implementing many wonderful improvements to Waverley Park.

During the consultation on the Master Plan and Plan of Management, it became clear that there was high demand for existing and new sporting facilities in the Waverley community. The feedback from this consultation complemented the findings of the 2008 Recreation Needs Study that Council commissioned and feedback from community sports groups and schools regarding limited access to sports facilities.

To date, Council has completed the following:

  • The construction of the Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre
  • The construction of the Amenities Building
  • The upgrade of the Bocce Courts
  • The upgrade of the cricket net
  • Oval No.2 (the synthetic field)
  • The construction of the Multi-purpose courts
  • Improved sports lighting across the park
Council has also received expert advice to ensure that the design and placement of the lights comply with Australian standards for obtrusive lighting. The improved lighting will also be monitored for impact. We welcome feedback from all, including nearby residents and sport clubs. If you would like to provide feedback, please email

Completed Projects

New Cricket Sight Screen at Waverley Oval

In partnership with NSW Cricket, Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club, AFL ACT/NSW and NSW Government, Council installed new permanent structures to act as a Cricket Sight Screen in summer, and as a Ball Net for winter codes. This will add to the safety of the park as it will reduce loose balls coming from the field during play.

Sight screens in cricket are an important piece of equipment that address safety concerns in the game. Balls bowled in first grade cricket can reach speeds of 150km/hr.

For more information contact Tessa Pentony 90838033 or email

Oval No. 2 (Synthetic Field)

Waverley Park’s new synthetic field was completed in May 2016. This field is an incredible addition to our community as it can accommodate a variety of sports, including football, rugby union, rugby league, gaelic football and kids cricket. It can be utilised in any kind of weather, has reduced maintenance time and costs, and further upgrades to the lighting ensures that our community clubs and schools will be able to enjoy this state-of-the-art facility at any time of the year.

Bocce courts

The bocce court is located in the south-western corner of Waverley Park, in front of the Amenities Building. Construction work wrapped up in July 2015 and involved:

  • laying a gravel bocce court surface with concrete edging
  • installing two new seats, two new benches and a picnic table setting
  • planting of ten new trees to frame the courts.

Public cricket nets upgrade

An upgrade of the public cricket nets in Waverley Park was completed thanks to a State Government grant as part of the Community Partnerships Program.

Easts Cricket Club successfully applied for the grant in 2014 and were awarded $25,000 for the upgrade to the public cricket nets located on the western side of the Waverley Park path, near the netball courts.

Work included:

  • replacing the fencing and fence poles
  • removing the old ashphalt
  • installing a new concrete base
  • installing new synthetic grass.

Multi-purpose courts

Installation of three multi-purpose courts at Waverley Park commenced in early June and concluded in December 2016. The works included refurbishing and extending the existing netball court, with a new court surface, installing two new courts to the grassed area west of the existing court, new fencing to each court, new line markings and hoops to cater for multi-purpose sports, new lighting and new stairs that will provide access from the recently complete St Mary's Avenue car park.

These courts are the only public outdoor basketball and tennis courts within the Local Government Area. They will accommodate netball, basketball, tennis, social and competitive sports, coaching and skill development, and local schools.

Bookings and enquiries can be made via the Venue Hire Office by:

Conditions of Use

  • Be respectful and mindful of other users and share the space.
  • Please take any rubbish with you and dispose of it properly.
  • No smoking or alcohol permitted.
  • No skateboards, bicycles, in-line skates or scooters on the courts.
  • No loud or obnoxious behaviour. Please be considerate to neighbours.

Limited Parking

Parking is limited in this area. We ask that you leave the car at home, car pool or utilise public transport.  The 360 bus route will stop at Birrell St, right near Waverley Park.

More information

You can find out more about these projects by emailing or calling Tessa Pentony, Council's Recreation Planner, on 9083 8033.