Upgrades to Parks and Playgrounds

Tamarama Park Upgrades

Works to improve Tamarama Park's safety and appearance are scheduled to commenced in mid May, with some final touches expected to be complete in September/ October 2017. Areas of the park will be reopened in stages to ensure the park can remain open for public use and enjoyment.

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Waverley Park Improvements

Waverley Council has recently completed the construction of three multi-purpose sports courts, the re-installation of the bocce court in Waverley Park and the implementation of the Sports Lighting Plan, to ensure adequate lighting for the courts and sports fields.

Council is now about to start work on new Cricket Sight Screens for Waverley Oval, due to be constructed early September 2017.

For more information, please visit the Improvements to Waverley Park webpage.

Niblick Street Reserve Works

Necessary remediation and upgrade works will be undertaken at Niblick Street Reserve from Monday 23 October and last until December 2017 (weather permitting). The remediation of this site is based on the recommendations of Geotechnical and Environmental Specialist Coffey and Sydney Tree Solutions.

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Improvements to Rodney Reserve

A report went to Council in early December 2016, recommending to defer the draft master plan for Rodney Reserve for consideration as part of a wider Council Master Plan Review process, but to proceed with investigations for improvements to sport upgrades for the reserve. Council has requested that additional information be collected prior to moving forward with community consultation of sport improvement upgrades. This report is expected back to Council in early 2017. For more information, please visit the Rodney Reserve Master plan webpage.

Stephen Street Reserve Playground Upgrade

Council is planning some much needed upgrade works to Stephen Street Reserve Playground.

To ensure this upgrade meets community needs and wants, consultation was undertaken in October - November 2016.The feedback from this consultation has allowed Council to attain a better understanding of how people use the park, what they like about the park, what they would like to see in the future and more.

In light of the valuable feedback received, the upgrade design has been modified. Soon, a detailed design will be prepared, followed by the construction of the playground and park upgrade. This is currently scheduled to occur in the September 2017.

For more information, please visit the Stephen Street Reserve page.

Gibson Street Reserve Playground Upgrade

With the valuable feedback received from the community consultation in December 2016 - January 2017, Council has updated the concept plan for Gibson Street Reserve. Works are expected to commence in late 2017.

For further information and to view the updated concept design, please visit the Gibson Street Reserve Playground Upgrade webpage.

Cricket Sight Screens Project

In partnership with NSW Cricket, Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club, AFL ACT/NSW and NSW Government, Council is installing new permanent structures to act as a Cricket Sight Screen in summer, and will have a modification to allow it to act as a Ball Net for winter codes. This will add to the safety of the park as it will reduce loose balls coming from the field during play.

For more information, please visit the Improvements to Waverley Park webpage.