Upgrades to Parks and Playgrounds

Clarke Reserve Improvements

Council is planning to improve the safety and play experience in Clarke Reserve.

The changes required include:

  • Install additional planting, edging and the supply and installation of a garden barrier around the section of playground fronting pedestrian footpaths
  • Install a new children’s slippery dip incorporated into an expanded playground area
  • Re-locate the existing plantings from large sections of the area overlooking the ocean adjacent to the coastal fencing on the western side, and remove the larger trees that have grown alongside.
  • Install permanent signage, including footpath-stencilled signs, that identifies Clarke Reserve as a 24/7 dog on-leash area, and that dogs are prohibited from being within 10 metres of any play equipment

Have your say on the proposed changes at haveyoursaywaverley.com.au before Sunday 21 October 2018. Your feedback will help ensure we make upgrades that the community wants and needs

For more information, please visit Clarke Reserve Improvements.

Improvements to Rodney Reserve

Council is looking at sports improvements for Rodney Reserve. Currently a project is in place for a field upgrade, including levelling of surface and installing an irrigation system.

For more information, please visit the Improvements to Rodney Reserve webpage.

Thomas Hogan Reserve Upgrade

From September - November 2017, we collected feedback from the community on the draft concept design of Thomas Hogan Reserve's central clearing and community hall landscape. With the valuable feedback received through face to face meetings, onsite design walk throughs and the responses from our survey on haveyoursaywaverley.com from the community, we have updated concept design, which can be viewed here.

This design will be further developed for construction with additional specialist advice on the details  of the design. Council has also engaged a qualified professional to develop an Ecological Restoration Action Plan for Thomas Hogan Reserve. You can view the Draft Ecological Restoration Action Plan and have your say here.

Marks Park Playground Upgrade

From March - April 2018, we collected feedback from the community on the future upgrade of Marks Park Playground. The upgrade aims to improve the safety and play experience of the existing play space, bring all the play equipment up to date with the latest Australian Standards for safety, as well as improve the play experience of the existing play space as identified in Waverley Council's Play Space Strategy (PSS).

The feedback we received indicates the proposed draft design met the communities expectations and requirements. Council will continue to further develop the design for construction and are working on finalising a construction program to minimise disruptions to events and the community.

To find out more about our consultation findings and to view the updated design, please click here.

Barracluff Park Upgrade Consultation Commencing Soon

In late February, Council engaged an external consultant to undertake an annual playground safety audits which highlighted issues with equipment pieces at Barracluff Park, which were beyond their serviceable life and required removal.  As such, Council fenced off the equipment.

Due to resourcing issues, this project was delayed to allow to time to develop an overall park upgrade (and not just an upgrade of playground equipment). This will ensure a better outcome for the community and a cohesive and well planned playspace and park for the community.

In the coming months, we will be asking the community for their feedback on the upgrade of Barracluff Park playground and it’s adjoining parkland. Once we have your feedback and develop a concept plan, we anticipate construction to commence in Winter 2019.

If you would like to stay in the loop on this project, please email openspaces@waverley.nsw.gov.au

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