Campbell Parade Upgrades

Campbell Parade is the gateway to the iconic Bondi Beach and the key connection between the commercial strip and beach. The footpaths attract some of the highest pedestrian volumes in Waverley, and the street is an important part of the beach experience for both residents and visitors. We want Campbell Parade to be a world-class destination that complements the famous Bondi Beach with vibrant outdoor dining, shopping and great views to the beach. Campbell Parade Upgrades - Bondi

Over the years seating and landscape has deteriorated in quality and are in need of renewal. Council undertook a detailed urban design review and developed conceptual plans to enhance the footpaths, seating, shade structures, landscaping and pedestrian crossings (no major changes to parking or traffic were proposed as this was outside the project scope). In October 2016, we ran a month-long community consultation process to get feedback on the proposed ideas, with a lot of comments received both supportive and constructive. This feedback was incorporated and in December 2016 Council approved the Campbell Parade Streetscape Upgrade.

The report provides the vision, principles, conceptual plan and design guidance for future streetscape works, and will be followed by detailed design and construction in stages over a number of years.  The first stage for the upgrades will be North Bondi between Hastings Parade and Brighton Boulevard.

Council has also approved a trial of new footpath shade structures for restaurant seating on Campbell Parade between Beach Rd and Curlewis St. This is expected to be built by the developer in late 2017, and will enable testing and evaluation before being considered for use elsewhere along the street.

For more information
Call George Bramis, Executive Manager, Shaping Waverley, on 9083 8000.