Bronte Village Centre Upgrade

Council is planning some much needed streetscape improvements to Bronte Village Centre.

These works aim to activate the commercial precinct of Bronte Beach while creating an integrated public transport interchange. We also aim to ensure safe and accessible pedestrian links between the park and the commercial precinct by increasing the available footpath for pedestrians along Bronte Road by providing kerb extensions and improving the arrival experience and accessible link into the park to the north side.

The Streetscape Upgrade Design

The design is based on the consultation feedback received from the Have Your Say Waverley Consultation 2016/2017 and the Bronte Plan of Management.

We aim to:

  • Provide a unique arrival experience for users of Bronte Park and Village Centre
  • Reinforce the connection between Bronte Park and the Village Centre
  • Provide an integrated link that connects Bronte Park and Village Centre with the bus interchange
  • Improve access and wayfinding for all abilities and users of the park
  • Facilitate bus turning and manoeuvres at the bus interchange
  • Improve public domain at Bronte Village Centre
  • Improve pedestrian safety by increasing the available footpath for pedestrians along Bronte Road by providing kerb extensions

View the Streetscape Upgrade Design here.

The proposed works include:

  • Extended seating plaza area with enhanced feature paving and pedestrian connectivity
  • New clean trunk palm tree plantings
  • Improved site link with palm tree plantings
  • Widen footpath to enhance bus interchange to cater for pedestrian circulation
  • New accessible path link to Bronte Park
  • Realignment of existing retaining wall to cater for bus swept paths and eliminate pedestrian conflict
  • Widen existing footpath to enhance alfresco dining and improve pedestrian movement
  • Raised pedestrian crossing to Bronte Road
  • Increased motorcycle parking and disabled parking spaces.

Council, STA and RMS agreed on the design in late 2017, and the project was approved by Waverley's Traffic Committee and endorsed by Council in late 2017.

Where are we now?

We are currently out to tender and are speaking with local residents, property owners and shop owners to further develop the plan for the timing of the works, how to manage disruptions and coordination of works. We are also continuing to investigate issues raised by the local community.

Next steps

  • Review of Environmental Factors - November / December 2018
  • Award contract - November 2018
  • Early works and approvals - January 2019
  • Proposed construction - February - July 2019

More information

If you have any further questions on this project, please email