Repair & Maintenance Work at Waverley Cemetery

Waverley Council is incredibly proud of its Cemetery’s rich heritage and historical significance – it is the resting place of many people who helped shape Australia.

Repair and Maintenance Works

We are undertaking repair and maintenance works at the Cemetery. Below you will find information on completed improvements and work that is scheduled for the coming months.

Completed works

In the past 12 months, Waverley Council has completed the following works at Waverley Cemetery:

  • Roadworks to the entrance driveway and seven internal roads
  • Repairs to internal stairways
  • Improvements to five reflection shelters
  • Repaired and replaced some internal fencing
  • Installed a new fence on Fig Tree Lane
  • Restored the Wavelkey Cemetery Picket Fence (along Trafalgar Street, Bronte)
  • Renovated the Cemetery Gateway
  • Repaired the landslip and coastal walk

Current work

Replace internal directional signs and install signs for prominent sitesIn progress
Fig Tree Lane Retaining Wall repairsIn progress

Fig Tree Lane Retaining Wall Repairs

Necessary works to repair the retaining wall along Waverley Cemetery is currently in progress and will last until April 2019 (weather permitting).

The works will include:

  • Erecting scaffold towers to Fig Tree Lane
  • Repair the retaining wall by deconstructing the sandstone blocks and rebuilding at 3 key locations (photo attached)
  • Disassembling scaffold tower to Fig Tree Lane

Adopting Council's Draft Conservation Management Plan

As of February 2016, Council adopted the draft Conservation Management Plan. We did this as it has some very significant heritage information that would support our case for both State and National Heritage listing, which we applied for.

Council has no intention of reviving any proposal for a Crematorium or a Pavilion at Waverley Cemetery. Our focus is on preserving the wonderful heritage of Waverley Cemetery.