Bondi Pavilion Upgrade and Conservation Project

Bondi Pavilion Stakeholder Committee

Waverley Council has established a Stakeholder Committee to recommend and prioritise desired uses and functions of the Bondi Pavilion as a cultural and community centre; and to advise on future cultural and community programs and artistic direction of Bondi Pavilion, to ensure a 21st century community cultural centre.

This Committee has been meeting over December, January and February and is due to submit a report to Council at its’ next meeting on 20 February.

The committee was chosen by an Expression of Interest process and consists of 17 members (19 originally but two members of the Committee have withdrawn since the Committee was formed. One position is shared by two people.

The breakdown and nominated committee members is as follows:


Terrance Jenkings

Michael Lynch

Diane (Di) Smith

Adrian Newstead Peter Winkler

Faith Weiland

Rhonda Dixon Grovenor – Representative of Traditional Owners

Leo Shaw-Voysey – Youth Representative

Mark Gould – TV/Film Specialist


Gemma Deacon – Friends of Bondi Pavilion

Joy Clayton - North Bondi Precinct

Lenore Kulakauskas - Bondi Beach Precinct

Gabbi Tobias – Bondi Precinct

Mary Doyle / Sophie Stevens Bradford – Waverley Council Access Committee (shared position)


Councillor Leon Goltsman

Councillor Dominic Wy Kanak

Councillor John Wakefield

On the formation of the Bondi Pavilion Stakeholder Committee, Mayor John Wakefield said:

“I promised a new approach to the refurbishment of Bondi Pavilion. I vowed to provide an open, transparent and informed governance approach which includes getting the community involved in every stage of the Pavilion upgrade. This plan is coming to fruition.

“The appointed committee members have a vast knowledge and talent base. They are experts in a number of areas and we are very fortunate to have such a committed group of people giving vital input into the process.

“Thank you to all of the applicants who applied to be considered for the Committee.”

Deputy Mayor Dominic Wy Kanak said Council can now move forward and prepare new plans and amend the development application.

“We want to create a world standard community and cultural centre and rebuild the community’s trust in those representing them.

“After this initial November–January phase, the Stakeholder Committee will then reconvene to consider future cultural and arts programming for Bondi Pavilion,” said Deputy Mayor Wy Kanak.

The committee will be chaired by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor as alternate chairs, and the work of the Committee will be supported by Council staff.

The Committee’s next meeting will be on Saturday 10 February in the Theatre at the Bondi Pavilion commencing at 10am.

The Committee’s terms of reference can be found here.

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Minutes of Bondi Pavilion Stakeholder Committee Meetings:

Bondi Pavilion Stakeholder Committee Report