Water cooling systems

Water cooling systems cover a range of systems and devices used to filter, cool or warm air and water. They are used in places like nursing homes, childcare centres, hospitals, commercial premises, and industrial buildings and include:

  • air-handling systems
  • evaporative cooling systems
  • hot-water systems
  • humidifying systems
  • warm water systems
  • water-cooling systems, and their associated equipment and fittings.

Due to their nature, it is important that these systems are functioning effectively to help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.


Waverley Council maintains a register of water cooling systems in the Waverley LGA. If you run water cooling systems on your premises, you should complete the application for registration of water cooling systems form.


Water cooling systems are regulated through the Public Health Act 2010 and compliance with the regulations managed by Council. This helps to ensure that all systems comply with the minimum legislative requirements and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

The Regulation requires water cooling systems to comply with specific provisions for their installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance in accordance with AS 3666.1: 2011; 2:2011, 3:2011 Air handling and water systems of buildings.

Clause 10 of the Regulation requires occupiers of premises to have their water cooling systems certified annually. To be certified, they must be equipped with an effective disinfection procedure. The occupier must keep a copy of the certificate at the premises and make it available for inspection if requested by an authorised officer, such as Council's Rangers or Compliance Officers.

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